5 Easy Holiday Style Tips to Instantly Elevate your Party Look


This is it.

We’re in full holiday mode.

I don’t know about your schedule, but these next few weeks are jam packed with holiday events and soirees.

At the beginning of the month we discussed how to go about defining your holiday party style, so there’d be no squeezing into body-con dresses or donning yet another sparkly sweater if you didn’t want to.

Today I want to share five easy holiday style tips that’ll add a little more oomph to your party outfit so you can feel like your best self no matter the occasion.

5 Easy Style Tips to Elevate Your Holiday Party Outfit


1. Invest in timeless essentials

While it can be fun testing out the new trends of the season, they are trends which means they’re constantly evolving so just because it’s trendy doesn’t mean it’ll work for you. Turning away from the latest holiday trends and instead making an effort to invest in classic pieces will help carry your closet from holiday season to holiday season. Look for a timeless bag, jewelry, or a pair of go-with-everything shoes. That way, regardless of the special occasion, you’ll always have go-to items you can count on to enhance your look.

Christine from Hello Fashion looks absolutely FLAWLESS in this classy and chic off-the-shoulder sheath dress. And I adore the unexpected bold red hue. (check this sheath dress for a more budget-friendly alternative)


2. Never underestimate the power of simplicity

I’ll admit I’m the first to be drawn to a pretty print or bold pattern. But there’s truth to the saying “less is more”, especially when it comes to polishing and elevating your holiday style. Even if you’re a self-proclaimed prints girl, like myself, it’s never a bad idea to have a simple, quality dress on hand to pair with a more statement-making piece of jewelry or pair of shoes. And if you must wear something bold as your main piece, try keeping everything else super simple. You’ll still make a statement, but with an element of sophistication.

I love the simplicity and sophistication of Shirley’s all white ensemble (which turns out to simply be a sweatshirt and tailored trousers, cinched with a gold metal plate belt). This is the perfect example of the power of “less is more”.


3. Find a festive focal point

To add a little glam into your holiday party outfit try incorporating a bold element that plays along with the festivities. Try a red lip, holiday-themed nails, or a fun necklace that pops! All eye-catching additions that will highlight your favorite features, be festive, and take your holiday look to the next level.

Courtney from Color Me Courtney gives the perfect festive pop to her black and white dress with red bow heels and a bright red lip.


4. Ankle boots are your friend

We all know that a pair of killer shoes can instantly up the vibe of any outfit, but sometimes the thought of spending a night in stilettos can make your toes hurt before you even slip a pair on. A functional, yet still fashionable alternative to spindly heels are ankle boots! Just like a pair of black stilettos a pair of black ankle boots can go with any outfit. Plus you can find them in a range of styles from simple and casual to bold and on fleek! – Is it cool that I said that? No? Oh well…

Natasha from Bisous Natasha styles her crocodile ankle boots effortlessly with her velvet slip dress and fitted tuxedo blazer. A super cool look for any holiday affair.


5. Be unpredictable

Many holiday looks tend to follow the same formula – red and green colors, silver and gold sequins, you know the drill. While keeping it traditional is cool, why not try upping the ante by adding elements that are a bit unpredictable. Pair bold colors that aren’t red & green, mix textures, play with prints, forgo tights, pair a messy bun with a formal dress…Basically if it’s not the norm for the holidays – try it out!

Amber from Barefoot Blonde looks darling in her flared sequin midi skirt, and I love that it’s a soft pink hue rather than a gold or silver.

I hope some of these easy holiday style tips help you as we continue flying through the season!

I would love to hear your thoughts – any tips you’d like to add? Share with me in the comments.

Happy Holidays!

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