3 Things You Should Never Forget to Be Thankful For

3 things you should never forget to be thankful for

This has been a crazy year for many people, including myself.

But this past month has been especially trying.

DCT and I got married and it seemed as if God/the universe/karma/whatever you’d like to refer to as a “higher power” decided to test us with one incident after another.

First, our apartment was broken into late at night when we were home, in bed asleep. I would put this experience pretty high on my ‘Holy shit, that was terrifying, let’s never do that again’ list.

Then the week right after I took a tumble in the middle of the street and sprained my ankle – no super high heels or alcohol was involved, I simply forgot how to use my legs for a minute. This resulted in crutches, an ankle wrap, and lots of bed rest.

Then the week after that, I caught the flu and was restricted to even MORE bed rest.

As you may imagine, I’ve been feeling pretty helpless. As if I just can’t get my life together and as a result I’ve been pretty bitter.

Feelings of gratitude have been very hard to come by.

But the fact is – life is full of minor and major setbacks. Sometimes they’re sprinkled throughout and sometimes they hit you back to back to back.

And those setbacks can bring you down and make it easy to forget all the things you DO have to be thankful for.

If this past month has taught me anything it’s the key to gratitude and being able to see the good in the bad is a maintaining healthy dose of perspective.

So yes, our apartment got broken into and while it was a horrible experience and made us feel insecure in our own home at the end of the day the robber only took material items. He didn’t try to hurt me or DCT, and we’re blessed to have family and friends who support us and the financial security to be able to replace those stolen items.

And yes, my health hasn’t been 100% from my ankle to battling the flu. And even though I may whine and complain that I’m dying – I’m not. I’m blessed to have access to medicine that will ensure I won’t die from the flu and a husband who’s willing to play caretaker and put up with my shenanigans.

3 Things You Should Never Forget to Be Thankful For

I say all this because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and the very purpose of this holiday is to remind us of all we have to be grateful for – despite any minor or major setbacks life may throw at us.

So, if you have your health – be happy. Millions don’t, and it’s one thing to truly treasure. Without your health, the struggle to move forward in life is amplified.

If you have family and friends who love you, feel the joy. There are many who have no one and that loneliness can be depressing, especially during this time of year.

If you have a place to call home, be content. Just click on the news and you will see thousands of people who are being chased out of theirs with no other place to go.

If you feel at a loss and that life just isn’t fair right now use this time to reevaluate. In all honesty, no matter how little you think you have, there are millions with less. Look at what you’ve got and try to appreciate it. If you think what you’re going through is the absolute worst, imagine being one of those Syrian refugees right now.

The fact of the matter is – if you’re reading this, your life is better than most people on the planet.

I only say these things to give both you and I a kick in the pants this season.

Because I know from experience how easy it is to forget the things we have to be thankful for.

Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.

With love and gratitude,

2 Responses to 3 Things You Should Never Forget to Be Thankful For

  1. You are right, this holiday has been a devastating one since my mother passed in July. However my husband and friends have made these trouble times just a slight bit better. Thanks for the uplifting blog

    • Hi Addie,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your mother. But I’m glad you have support from your husband and friends, that’s definitely something to be thankful for – I can’t imagine experiencing a loss like that on your own. I’m also happy that this post was uplifting to you – that means more to me than anything. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your story with me.

      Wishing you all the best,