25 positive affirmations and how to use them to improve your everyday life

How and when to use positive affirmations to improve your everyday life.

I’ve always considered myself a positive person, but contrary to popular belief – positive people aren’t happy ALL the time.

We can feel sad, disappointed, or even angry – the difference, however, is we don’t allow ourselves to sink and lay in the negativity. We’re problem solvers at our core and as such we actively look for ways to turn things around and move forward.

One method I use when I’m feeling overwhelmed with negative thoughts is reciting positive affirmations.

You may find the idea of reciting positive affirmations to yourself silly – how can saying a few positive phrases REALLY make you feel better?

I know, I used to think the same thing. But if you really think about it – saying them can’t make you feel any worse – amirite?

If anything, try looking at affirmations as exercises for your mind and view of life. Just like you engage in physical exercise to improve your body, the more affirmations you do the more improvement you’ll see to the way you think and act.

How to use positive affirmations

You can use affirmations in any situation you’d like to see positive change whether it’s your job, a relationship, or for your own personal growth.

Positive affirmations can be especially powerful when used to:
– raise your confidence
– control feelings like frustration, anger, or overwhelm
– boost self-esteem
– motivate or inspire

I tend to use them most when I’m feeling uber stressed or anxious about anything from my blog, to when I’m traveling, or even meeting new people.

Now you may be thinking – Ashlei, I’ve tried saying positive affirmations before and I just didn’t get anything out of it, it just felt like wishful thinking.

And to that I say – yup, you probably felt like it was just wishful thinking because you WERE wishfully thinking.

The key to getting positive affirmations to work is to have them be credible, believable, and based in reality.

Let’s say you’re feeling dissatisfied with the amount of time compared to the level of pay you receive at work and are thinking about asking for an increase – you work hard, you deserve to get paid for it!

So to get motivated you start affirming to yourself that you’re going to double your salary. Woo! Go You!

But wait….as pumped up as “doubling your salary” makes you feel, let’s be real – there a very few employers who are able to double someone’s salary when offering an increase in pay -it’s just not feasible, and deep down you know that’s true.

The point I’m trying to make is – if you can’t believe in the affirmations you’re telling yourself, then it’s highly unlikely they’ll have any impact on your life, hence making it feel more like wishful thinking.


25 Positive affirmations and when to use them

Below is a list of 25 different positive affirmations and a brief summary of when best to use them in your everyday life.

When you’re feeling down

As I said, just because you’re generally a positive person doesn’t mean you don’t feel down sometimes. We all have moments when things don’t go the way we hoped and that can totally suck, no matter how big or small. Here are a few sayings you can tell yourself to help move forward:

“Keep your head up & heart open”

“I am enough”

“I am powerful”

“I choose to reach for a better feeling”

“I am a worthwhile human being”

When you’re feeling rushed

You’re busy, there’s no denying that. We’re all constantly in a rush to get to point B followed by point C. But life can be 1000x more enjoyable if you just take a moment and slow it down. So whenever you’re feeling especially rushed to finish something or get somewhere, take a breathe and try reciting one of these:

“I walk slowly with honor & grace”

“I move slowly and with intention”

“I trust the process”

“I give myself permission to slow down”

“Slow down and breathe deeply”

When feeling overwhelmed & anxious

We all have moments when things feel completely overwhelming and out of our control. I personally tend to get worked up over tiny details or stress about things that ultimately don’t make a difference. Here are some phrases you can tell yourself whenever feeling overly anxious:

“I am capable”

“I can do it”

“I am balanced. I am centered. I am at peace”


“Be easy”

“I give myself permission to let go”

When you’re unsure and questioning yourself

We’re faced with decisions daily where the outcome is unknown and that can drive some of us crazy. ::raises hand:: So we overanalyze, nitpick, and question every move we make to try and control the outcome. But we can’t control everything, so when you’re feeling unsure and questioning all your decisions think of these:

“Just be you”

“I will do more of what makes me happy”

“I know who I am and I am enough”

“Each step is taking me where I want to be”

“I choose to be happy”

When you’re feeling unworthy

We all do it – we fall into the comparison trap and start questioning the validity of our own lives. We question what we’re doing, why we’re doing it, and what’s the purpose of it all. And we start wishing we were living the life of someone else. When you start falling down that rabbit hole, stop yourself and repeat these:

“I love myself, I respect myself, I am beneath no one”

“I appreciate the abundance in my life”

“The things that make me different are what make me, me”

“I am”

“My life is unfolding beautifully”

Now I’d love to hear from you!

Do you use positive affirmations? Have they had any affect on your everyday?

Share with me in the comments below.

‘till next time, friends!

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    • Thanks Mary Beth! I think running a business AND being a mom are two of the hardest things, so MAJOR props to you for taking on the challenge. Sending lots of positive energy your way to keep at it.