how to use large wall art to upgrade your home decor

Before DCT and I tied the knot we’d been living together for 3 years, and from day we moved in our home decor has always been a mishmash of both our tastes.

It wasn’t until this past year when we (I) decided it was time to make our home feel like OURS and not a jumble of random pieces from old apartments and past roommates.

One area we’d (I’d) been meaning to tackle, but totally neglected, was our bedroom. This space was truly a clash of our personal tastes.

But what bothered me the most was our big, blank wall space above our bed. It made our room feel cold and empty. The complete opposite of what you’d want to feel in your bedroom.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no designer, but I knew I needed something big, bold, and beautiful to take up the empty space. Which brings me to this vibrant cityscape photo of rooftops in Paris (courtesy of Minted) that I recently add to our bedroom.

Keep scrolling to read more about why I think this print is the bomb-dot-com and get some tips on adding large wall art to your home.




One of my big, bold, audacious dreams is to live in Paris (or really anywhere abroad). So when I saw this print I was immediately drawn to it.

What I found so interesting is that it’s not your typical Paris cityscape shot with the Eiffel Tower in the background – and I LOVE that. It feels more authentic to me, as if I really were living in Paris and this was my view. It makes me feel like a I’d be a true Parisian. 😉

I also decided to forgo a traditional frame and instead try something more organic by using paper lantern string lights to frame the photo. I like the bohemian feel and at night I pretend they’re the real city lights of Paris, because why not?




If you’re interested in adding large wall art to your home decor here are three things to consider:

1. Pick a print that compliments the aesthetic of your room.

A large piece of wall art is just that – LARGE. I was even surprised at how massive the print was in person. So plan on making a statement just from the sheer size of the print. With that in mind, be sure it doesn’t clash with anything you already have for instead of upgrading your decor it can have the opposite effect.

2. Find balance

Because these prints are so large you can’t just throw it up on any old wall space. You need to balance out where it’s placed both on the wall and in conjunction with the furniture beneath it. You don’t want it sitting over a smaller table or chair as it’ll look disproportionate.

3. Keep it simple

Again, this is a statement piece – so let it make a statement by keeping any other elements of decor to a minimum. You don’t want it fighting for attention.


If you’re interested in adding a piece of large wall art (or really any art) to your home check out Minted.

Their site offers pieces from independent artists from all over the world through on-going art competitions. They have so much to offer you’re guaranteed to find something you’ll love. So go support some independent artists!

Now tell me your thoughts? Are you into the large wall art trend? How would you incorporate a large print into your home?

Share with me in the comments.

‘till next time!

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