18 Outfit Recipes for Fall

I don’t believe in putting style in a box.

Or really putting anything in a box – it’s usually dark, hard to breath, and talk about discomfort with all those right angles. – Ouch.

I remember starting out in this world of style & fashion and how I desperately tried to fit myself in a box – any box.

There was the high-fashion designer box, the eclectic and unpredictable box, the bohemian and edgy box, the classic and feminine box, the list could go on.

But as time went on I began to realize that being in a box is quite restrictive – no matter how big and expansive the box is, you’re bound to hit a wall at some point.

And the truth is, defining your personal style isn’t about labeling yourself (or keeping with the analogy, boxing yourself in) as classic, bohemian, urban, or high-fashion.

Having a defined personal style is about being able to pull from all the different elements of style and tweaking them to fit you and your life. So no matter whether it’s classic, boho, or urban, it still looks like you.

Which is why today I want to introduce the idea of outfit recipes.

Building my style off of outfit recipes is a way to make sure my wardrobe stays mixable, versatile, and true to me.

It’s not about copying a look piece by piece (because honestly, anyone can do that!), but learning to understand the components that make a look work and boiling it down to the basics so you can build off the concept and make it fit your wardrobe.

Now when I say “outfit recipe”, I’m referring to the specific items or, keeping with my cooking analogy, ingredients that you can wear in tons of different ways to create an outfit.

For example: white denim + sweater + ankle boots = outfit recipe #1

To help illustrate this better I’ve put together a catalogue of sorts with 18 different outfit recipes for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

Some things to note: Something like this in never fully complete depending on what items you wish to include and how broad or narrow you define pieces (i.e. jeans vs. high waist, dark wash, flared denim).

There could be an infinite amount of options, which is exciting as it opens up a world of possibilities for your style.

To keep this catalogue concise though, I decided to focus on these ingredients:

  1. bottoms (pants, skirts, etc.)
  2. fit of bottoms (skinny, midi, loose-fit, etc.)
  3. tops (sweater, dresses, etc.)
  4. fit of tops (oversize, maxi, slim-fit, etc.)
  5. optional third piece (jacket, shoe, etc.)

Also noteworthy: an outfit recipe by itself says little about your personal style.

Someone who identifies as having a classic feminine style could wear the same recipe (silk blouse + jeans + flats) as someone who has a more vintage bohemian style, but because of specific details (color, material, cut, fit) they’ll look completely different.

‘Tis the magic of outfit recipes!

So when it comes to finding recipes you like and that work for your lifestyle, remember to look past the overall style of an outfit and instead focus on the silhouette it creates and the basic components it has.

The images below are from my Pinterest account and therefore show my specific sense of style, which right now involves neutrals with pops of color, texture, and simple lines.

All the recipes, however, could be used for all different types of style.

Take a look below and let me know if you have any Q’s.


18-outfit-recipes-for-fall-sweaters 18-outfit-recipes-for-fall-pants 18-outfit-recipes-for-fall-skirts 18-outfit-recipes-for-fall-dresses

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