New Season, New Me, New Kinks!


Hey there!

It’s been awhile, I know. But I’m happy to announce I’ve officially crossed over into the world of being called a MRS. (sneak peek of the wedding/photographic proof above 😉 )

I’m still processing the crazy whirlwind that was our wedding and honeymoon. I’m still not sure it actually happened, but I’ve got a pretty little ring round my finger that says ‘yes honey, it did’.

I promise to regale you all about the wedding and our much needed-honeymoon at a later time – as I said, I still can’t believe it actually happened. There was so much planning and stress that lead up to it, then everything came and went in a blink of an eye.

But before I go off on a tangent about the wedding I want sit down with you and have some real talk.

I want to let you know that the content here on KATNP is going to be changing up a bit – nothing drastic. I’m not switching from personal style to video gaming or anything, but I am tweaking some things.

I’ll be honest, (we’re having some real talk and the first tenet of real talk is to be honest) while part of the reason I stepped away from Kinks this past month was due to the wedding marathon, it was also due to feelings of discontent.

I was feeling very stuck when it came to creating content on KATNP – a blogging rut of sorts.

I felt as if I was doing the same old thing over and over, mostly because that’s what worked in the past. The problem though – I wasn’t getting any joy out of it like before.

The truth is I’ve grown a lot. I’ve grown as a blogger, a writer, a creative, just as a person in general. But Kinks, in terms of the content, hasn’t grown along with me.

I want to say it’s for nostalgic reasons, Kinks is my blog baby and like any parent I don’t want to see it grow up.

But honestly, it’s because I’ve been afraid to take it to the next step.

Afraid of what I might lose, afraid of what I might gain. I’ve been full of anxiety of what would happen if I closed one door and opened another.

I’ve been so afraid that I’ve considered shutting the whole operation down. And I did for awhile, but then I began feeling like a huge hole was left in my life.

I realized that as afraid as I was to move forward into uncharted territories with Kinks, I’m even more afraid of the gaping hole it would leave should I call it quits all together.

So what’s a girl to do other than move forward no matter how scary it may seem, for sitting around and doing nothing makes me feel far worse.

So, consider this my declaration that change is coming.

Actually scratch that – change is already here.

What does this change look like?

Well, when KATNP first started it was just me trying to figure out my natural hair with some personal style peppered in.

As I’ve grown my interest in my hair has faded, while my interest in style and creative living has expanded beyond measure.

To me, style, creativity, and self-expression are all inter-connected.

I’ve come to find that being stylish goes deeper than what you wear, how you style your hair, or decorate your apartment. It isn’t just what you see on runways or in magazines or – dare I say it – on fashion blogs.

Being stylish is about the pursuit of creativity – it’s discovering how you relate, create, and experience life.

Style is what makes your life different from mine, which is different from the next person and the next.

It’s about expressing who you are in all areas of life. Yes, this involves the way you dress, but also how you speak, how you form relationships, and the people or experiences you gravitate towards.

Style is what makes this world so varied and interesting. Just think how boring life would be if we all viewed, expressed, and did everything the same way!

This is the side of style that excites me, the side I wish to explore more, and that I’m hoping you’re willing to explore with me.

So what exactly does it mean for Kinks?

It means the content will become less talk about what I’m wearing (have no fear! there will still be outfit posts, just with a little more depth to them), what to wear, where to shop, what trends you should try, etc. And instead become more personal with practical tips about defining & refining your style to fit your life, tapping into your sense of creativity to bring you more joy, and discovering how to authentically express YOU in all areas of your life.

Now you may like the sound of these changes, or you may not – and if that’s the case, no hard feelings!

But with my growth, I’ve slowly been discovering that in order to continue being a source of joy and inspiration for you, I first need to tap into what brings me the most joy and inspiration. And as of right now, this is it!

I won’t lie, I’m still nervous about this, although very slight, shift in focus.

But I’m also eager to see where it can go.

As always, thank you so much for reading!

Cheers to change,


| Photo by Mark Federighi |

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