The 5 most uplifting ways to start your day

I woke up on the wrong side of the bed the other day.

As soon as my eyes fluttered open I was just annoyed with everything.

Annoyed at my cats bouncing on the bed begging to be fed.

Annoyed at how DCT can snooze right one through it all.

Annoyed at the sound of my alarm for the second..third…fourth time.

I knew from the moment my feet hit the floor that it was going to be one of those days.

And true to thought – I was a downright grump.

I became frustrated at the littlest things, I snapped at people for no real reason, and spent my time counting down the minutes before I could crawl back into bed and try this thing called life again tomorrow.

Ever have one of those days?

They inevitably happen to us all.

And while it may feel like you had no choice in the matter – I felt like I just woke up and the day decided to greet me with disgust – the reality is we have all the power to choose how each day begins.

I can’t imagine you enjoy being a grump, I know I don’t.

As you saw above, it sprouts all sorts of negativity that affects your entire day and the day of those around you.

So you may be wondering – if we have the power to choose how each day begins, how can we ensure we always start on a positive note?

I’m so glad you asked! Let’s take a look at the most uplifting ways you can start your day.

1. Plan the night before

I’ve had many mornings where I woke up feeling stressed about the day to come because I knew there was lots on my to-do list and time was ticking. But what made me stressed wasn’t that there was tons to do, it was not knowing where to focus or having any plan set to get those things done.

Feeling disorganized the moment you wake up is no fun. Which is why taking 20 minutes to organize your to-do list, decide on breakfast, and pick out your clothes for the next day is such a lifesaver. Instead of waking up full of anxiety of what you need to do today, you wake up feeling in control and ready for what the day will bring.

2. Read or recite a motivational quote or mantra

Starting the day with positive thoughts is a surefire way to keep your energy and positivity up throughout the day.

In my dream house I’d like a wall collage of inspirational quotes and photos right across from my bed so every morning I wake up to encouraging words like these beautiful ‘Trust Your Crazy’ and ‘Believe in Yourself’ prints created by Daneille of Sincerely, Boba.

3. Give yourself 10-15 minutes before opening your computer or going through your phone.

I love technology and social media just as much as the next blogger. But I’ve found immediately jumping on my phone or computer after I wake up quickly adds unnecessary stress first thing in the morning, and causes me to burn out faster by the end of the day.

Taking a moment to enjoy the morning and having a real human connection with a roommate or significant other can do wonders for the rest of your day. I promise you that email or Instagram post will still be there. :)

4. Move your body for 30 minutes

You’ve probably heard this a million times – but having a morning exercise routine is a great way to stimulate and wake up your body. It pumps endorphins into your system and helps keep your mind happy and alert throughout the day.

So do a few sun salutations, run around the block, or take an early am spin class. Just get up and move.

5. Get clear about your intentions for the day

Or in other terms – get clear on what you want your day to be. Do you want it to be productive? Fun and bright? Calm and peaceful? Do you want to spend time with family and friends? Or do you want some quality “me” time?

Whatever it is just be clear about it. It’s much easier to work towards something when you know exactly what it is you want.


Now it’s your turn – tell me how do you start your days? Do you or would you think about adding any of these tips to your morning routine?

Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks to Daneille of Sincerely, Boba for sharing her artwork with me! If you like what you see check her out here.

As always, thanks for reading.

your early bird,


| Top 2 photos by yours truly; last photo via Sincerely, Boba |

2 Responses to The 5 most uplifting ways to start your day

  1. It is so true that your day will be exactly how you will say that it will be! It’s all about the attitude that you have towards it! I definitely have a bad habit of looking at my i-pod right after I’ve woken up and watching some YouTube videos to help wake me up when I should be doing some form of exercise instead! haha! These are some great tips! Thanks Ashlei!

    • We’ll watch Youtube videos in the morning too! Haha! We’re trying to be better and wait till we’re sitting down for breakfast, but on the weekends we’ll totally lounge in bed searching into the depths of YouTube, lol.