Blog Talk // What NOT to Worry About When Starting a Blog


So you’re getting ready to start a blog. That’s great!

I remember when I first decided I wanted to blog.

I knew absolutely nothing about blogging at the time – besides what I could gather from the few bloggers I was following.

But I knew I wanted something to call my own, a place I could express my creativity, and a way to share my life that was more than a tweet or post on Facebook.

I had no expectations of it going anywhere or sticking with it for as long as I have.

But as it turns out, starting a blog became a defining moment in my life.

There’s lots of elements that go into blogging, especially when you’re first starting out.

It can be quite overwhelming (I know it was for me) and may even make you second guess your decision to blog.

When I first started I constantly questioned every decision I made. With an overwhelming amount of information on how to do this and when to do that, it was hard to navigate through the noise and find the things that really mattered.

I’ve seen many newbie bloggers get so wrapped up in minute details that they end up quitting before they even get started.

But I don’t want that happening to you.

I know you have big dreams and bold ideas you want to bring to this ever-growing world of blogging. And I want to help you do that!

So today, I’m going to take a slightly different approach in our blog talk – instead of telling you all the things you need to do in order to start your blog, I’m going to tell you 5 things you SHOULDN’T worry about when first starting your blog.

It’s my hope that it’ll help take some weight off your shoulders and encourage you to keep moving forward.

Let’s get into it!

Worry #1 – Having an Uber Fancy Blog Design

This is worry #1 for a reason, every new blogger I’ve ever talked to is always concerned with their blog’s design. There are blogs that look more like beautifully curated magazines than actual blogs, which creates loads of pressure to make sure your design is on point .

But here’s the thing – the majority of blogs with super fancy designs are bloggers who have been in the business for a looooooong time and have gone through several site redesigns.

Even KATNP has had it’s fair share of redesigns – it definitely didn’t look like it does now when I first started.

While having a polished and clean blog design is important, know that you don’t need all the bells and whistles from the get go.

A simple design with black text and white background looks both clean and chic.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at J.Crew’s website – black text, white background. The only color really comes from their images, which pop even more thanks to the simple design.

So keep it simple and let your design grow as your blog grows.

Worry #2 – Getting Pro Blogger Equipment

With the growth of blogging, there’s this preconceived notion that in order to have any success you need to invest in pro blogger equipment. These things range from iPhones and Macbook Pros, to the number one “must-have” blogger tool – a DSLR.

I’m here to tell you, having a DSLR at the start will not make or break your blog.

But Ashlei, aren’t high-quality images important?


However, I’m a firm believer in making it work with what you got, and if you don’t have the cash to purchase your own DSLR it shouldn’t stop you! There are plenty of bloggers that have become uber successful by just using their iPhone.

Heck, I started KATNP borrowing an out of date point-and-shoot from DCT and my PC webcam.

In fact, it was only a year ago that I finally got a true DSLR. I’m a prime example that you don’t need to start with expensive equipment in order to succeed in blogging.

So lesson here – don’t feel like you have to drop $$$ for blogging equipment {especially if you don’t have the funds}. Make it work with what you have and if down the road you get to a point where you truly believe it’ll help you take your blog to the next level, go for it!

Worry #3 – Being Present Everywhere

Social media is great, it gives you the opportunity to connect with people you otherwise may never meet and share what you’re doing.

However it can quickly turn from being a fun way to engage with others into an annoying chore you feel you have to do every day. Which we don’t want at all!

It may feel like in order to get your blog noticed, you need to be everywhere at once. There’s Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, Youtube, Google+, Tumblr, and whatever other social platform is currently popular.

But here’s the thing – If you’re trying to engage everywhere, you’re engaging nowhere.

It’s 1000x harder to connect with people if you’re spread out all over.

Even if you’re sharing the same things across all platforms people aren’t going to engage with your Instagram if they already saw your post on Facebook or Twitter.

My advice? – choose one or two platforms that feel most natural to you and get you excited to interact on. Focus on those and once you’ve developed a strong following then think about expanding to other networks.

Worry #4 – Posting All Day, Err Day

I know there are loads of blogging tips that say the quickest way to grow is to post everyday.

And while that may be true, I personally recommend posting 1-2x per week when starting out.

First it reduces the possibility of burning out early on, and allows you to spread your ideas out rather than putting it all out there and running out of ideas in a month. It also helps create a reasonable schedule that can work around your other life responsibilities.

But most importantly, it gets you in the mindset of quality over quantity.

I can guarantee you’ll develop a more loyal following posting high-quality posts 1-2x per week than you will posting ‘meh’ posts 5x a week.

Updating your blog too frequently also runs the risk of your readers missing posts. Which is time and effort wasted, as the point of writing your posts is for people to read them.

So allow yourself some peace of mind and give some breathing room to your posting schedule, your blog will thank you.

Worry #5 – Changing the Game Up

Here’s the truth about starting a blog – it’s all about experimenting and testing to find out what works for you and what you find your readers enjoy.

This is the time to try things – don’t be afraid to switch it up if something isn’t working out as you thought.

Your plan is not set in stone, you can change directions and now is the perfect time to do so.

It’s also good to note that your blog will evolve over time. KATNP started out as just a natural hair blog, then over time I started talking about style, personal development, and blogging. Even now KATNP is going through an evolutionary stage.

Remember it’s your blog! It should be an accurate representation of you, so do what you want with it!

What’s the key to all this? – Blogging is meant to be fun!

And you shouldn’t stress about something that’s meant to be fun.

I know with the growth of blogging there’s lots of pressure to get everything right from the get-go. It feels like you have to have a fancy site, post everyday, be popular on social media, and take high-def professional photos just to get noticed.

But I can promise you, in the long run, having those things in the beginning won’t determine your success.

It’s about your commitment to learning and experimenting and drive to push past obstacles and continue moving forward.

If you commit, you’ll take your blog farther than you can even imagine!

To your incredible success,

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5 Responses to Blog Talk // What NOT to Worry About When Starting a Blog

  1. I’m happy that I was pointed your way via Pinterest! This was a very welcome post to read as I stare out at piles of books and scribbles on papers that are all intended to help me find what should be the focus of my blog. I read your post, took a nice chill breath or two, and embraced that the blog will evolve as my interests and strengths continue to work into my life. So thank you! Much needed :)
    I look forward to continuing to follow your blog! – Sarah

    • I’m happy you found me on Pinterest as well! I completely identify with having piles of books and notes everywhere, I never fail to have 5 different notebooks with a mishmash of various notes and to-do’s scribbled throughout each. I’m trying to develop a better system of keeping track of everything – slowly but surely :)

      I’m so glad to hear this helped you take a breather, that’s what I was hoping for 😀

      Thanks for commenting and following along!


  2. This really is some great advice!! I know that being a new blogger it has been tough at times trying to figure out if I’m doing things right or how I should display my blog and all those little minor details when it should be about you sharing your journey right? Thank you for the advice 😀