A Mini-Tour of My Home Workspace with WeWork


Hey you! Happy June!

How’s the kick off to summer been for you so far? All you wanted and more? I certainly hope so.

Lots of things are brewing both here and over on my new site Avec Ashlei that I will be unveiling in the next few weeks. So be sure to stay tuned 😀

Today though, I wanted to pop in and talk to you about work – specifically the space you do your work.

One thing I’ve learned on this journey as a blogger/entrepreneur is that having a community you can identify and interact with is essential.

And while having a solid online community is wonderful, getting some face-to-face, real life, human interaction is extremely important too.

Since I’m a part-timer at my “corporate” job, I have several days off that are usually spent working at home.

I love my time working at home – cause let’s be honest I’m a homebody at heart – but sometimes I get the urge to be around other people.

And not just in a coffee shop environment, but a place where you’re surrounded by inspiration and can thrive off the energy of other people hustling to make their dreams a reality – just like you.

These cravings lead me to look into joining a coworking community in the city. As I did some research I came across this awesome community – WeWork.

Their office spaces are so inspiring and got me thinking about what I love about my own home office.

I think it’s interesting to see how fellow creatives design and use their space to get work done.

It’s also been a looooong time since I’ve shared my workspace with you. So without further ado, here are a few of my favorite features within my home office….


1. Early morning light

I’m an early riser and do my best work in the am. The east side of our apartment gets the best morning light so our office nook is positioned right near a window that looks out to our neighbor’s garden oasis. It’s perfect for my early morning work sessions as the sun pours in and fills me with motivation to get that work.


2. Clean, simple desk space

I’m a firm believer of the concept – outside clutter causes inside clutter. In order to really get work done I need a clean and open space. My mind is already overflowing with to-do lists, projects, and ideas. The last thing I need is my desk overflowing too – talk about inspiration overload.


3. Inspirational dry erase board

Speaking of inspiration, instead of a cork board or collage of uplifting quotes and photos, I have an inspirational dry erase board. I’ll use it to write daily/weekly/monthly mantras, new ideas that pop into my head, to-do’s, and to pin inspirational cards or photographs I find.


4. Outdoor workspace

Probably the best part of my workspace, especially now that it’s sunny and warm out – my outdoor space! On days when my to-do list is miles long and I just can’t find time to get out and away from my desk, I’ll move it outside to my deck. Breathing in fresh air and feeling the warm sun on my skin always motivates me to keep knocking out my to-dos.


Now, if there was one thing I would add to make my workspace the ultimate dream come true, it would be……..four walls and a door.

As I’m sure you know, the less distractions you have, the more work you can get done. And while I love my sunny little nook, with our 3 cats and my fiance home you can imagine there’s lots of distractions to be had.

So to make it the ultimate dream office environment the ability to close myself away when I really need to get sh*t done would be my number one change.


I want to give another shout out to WeWork for inspiring this post!

If you’re interested in joining a coworking community I would highly suggest checking out WeWork, they’re located in cities across the U.S. and abroad (helloooo Amsterdam!). Their spaces are GORGEOUS and are sure to bring you loads of inspiration throughout your work day.

Now I’d love to hear your thoughtswhat do you love about your workspace either at home or at the office? What’s one thing you’d change to make it the ultimate work environment?

Share with me in the comments.

I can’t wait to read your response!

working like a {lady} boss,



5 Responses to A Mini-Tour of My Home Workspace with WeWork

  1. Your workspace looks cute, but I get what you mean about wanting to work with people sometimes! I love my coworkers and am happy to get to take breaks with them.

  2. Wow I really need to check out your other blog! Your workspace is really cute and tidy!! I guess where my workspace is is in my room! haha One thing I wish I could change is having a bigger window! I don’t get very much natural light in my room and that’s kind of pooey..haha!