You’re Invited: #Block37Beauty Event – May 6th!

Well hello there!

First, my apologies for being so M.I.A. over the past month. BSchool, wedding planning, and my coaching business (which is up and running btw, check it out here!) took over my life for awhile there.

But don’t fear, I will be back and kicking it on Kinks.

In fact, to kick off my return, I want to share an event I’m hosting along with some fellow Chicago bloggers May 6th at Block 37 on State Street.

Which you’re totally invited to (obviously!).

So what is this event? – It’s #Block37Beauty – an event where my fellow Chicago beauty bloggers Caitlin (A Cheeky Fox), Justine (Short is the New Black), Stephanie (The Naked Canvas), Anne (Defining Delphine) and I will be showcasing our favorite beauty picks for this season.

We will be partying it up for a night of shopping, mingling, and some fantastic giveaways!

block 37 beauty chicago

Never been to Block 37? For shame! It’s only home to some of the best and well-known beauty stores in Chicago including Sephora, Sabon, L’Occitane, Anthropologie, and Aveda Ladies & Gentleman Salon & Spa.

To get you excited for the event the fab team from Windy City Blogger Collective (WCBC) got us all together to film a fun video explaining why we love shopping at Block 37.

Check out the video below to learn all about what Block 37 has to offer and some of our favorite beauty trends for this season.

You can also get a taste of how cheesy/endearingly awkward I am on video, it’s quite entertaining – you don’t want to miss it.

See what a total ham I am? Haha!

block 37 beauty chicago

Don’t you want to see that cheshire cat grin in person? Then you must stop by Block 37 on May 6th!


It’s sure to be a good time, so I hope to see you there!



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