February Action Goals 2015


Hi guys and gals!

Happy February!

So compared to last year, this winter has been pretty mild in Chicago.

Until yesterday…

Mother Nature decided it was time to get to business and dumped well over 15 inches of snow on us.

It’s been so great.

Photo Feb 01, 8 37 49 AM

Nevertheless, with a new month means new goals!

So today I’m reviewing my progress on my January action goals as well as sharing new February goals.

Let’s get to it:

January Action Goals – A review

1. Improve my craft as a writer by focusing on learning as much as I can.
I spent this past month stalking researching other freelance writers and their blogs. I took in a lot of information which was a bit overwhelming at times, but will definitely be beneficial in the long run. While I’ll continue researching, I’m totally ready to start implementing some of what I’ve learned.

2. Complete all this month’s tasks within our project management program for the wedding and mail Save the Date’s.
So DCT and I were doing pretty well with our tasks, then life happened (read: we got busy) and fell a bit behind. But we just attended a wedding market called Indie Wed and it has definitely helped relight the our wedding planning fire. I still need to send out Save the Dates (eek!).

3. Take Sunday’s off from work to attend church service.
Check this off the list! I officially no longer work on Sundays and have been a regular attendee to church last month, minus one where DCT and I played hooky by brunching in Pilsen.

4. Spend mornings at coffee shops on my days off from Trunk Club.
I will admit I failed at this one. I know I’ll get tons of work done when I go to coffee shops, but it’s actually getting out of my apartment that’s the hard part. And with all the snow we got this weekend, it’s not going to be any easier. So let’s consider this a work in progress.

5. Finish a book. Currently reading Unbroken.
I did finish a book, however it was not Unbroken – haha! I just couldn’t get into it, so I started reading Spirited by my new blogger crushes Rachel MacDonald & Tara Bliss. I absolutely loved it and would highly recommend the book to anyone who loves a good self-help book and wants to get more in-tune with their inner self :) I’m thinking of reading it again, it was that powerful.

Overall I think it was a successful month, now it’s on to the next one:

February Action Goals

1. I’m moving on from learning and into the early stages of launching my freelance writing, so I’m planning to pitch 2 sites a week for article writing to help start building my portfolio.

2. Unlike last month where there were a lot of little to-do’s for the wedding, this month we only have a few big tasks to take care of including booking a caterer, finding an officiant, DJ, and baker. With the Indie Wed event we attended a lot of these are pretty much already decided. It’s just hashing out the details.

3. So instead of every day that I’m off, I’m striving for at least once a week go work at coffee shop for part of the day. Starting small and then working my way up 😉

4. Outline e-book – yup you read that right. I mentioned a new venture was brewing and this is just the beginning of it. I’m so excited for this, it’s going to be deliciously good so stay tuned :)

Thanks for reading!

dreaming of warmer climates,



2 Responses to February Action Goals 2015

  1. yay for your January progress! Just thinking out loud here, i think my hubby and i just threw our hands in the air and emailed our save the dates so we could check it off our list of things to do haha. we were such bums with our planning but we had the best day ever! i won’t change one thing about our wedding day ^_^ well, except maybe the tiny lipstick stain on my dress but meh, it was a Nigerian wedding and we had a blast!