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“May you seek to know the vastness of your light.” – Danielle Laporte

How do you want to feel?

Magical – Overflowing – Beaming – Invigorated – Bliss?

There are so many feelings you can experience. Many of us tend to get stuck on the general three – Happy, Angry, or Sad. But one of the most beautiful things about being human is all the variety of feelings we can express.

Last week I talked a lot about feelings. And boy, oh boy has my world been flipped inside out.


I had the pleasure of attending the first Desire Map Workshop here in Chicago with lifestyle & health coach Marcy Cruice.

For those of you who have never heard of the Desire Map, I would suggest clicking here and reading about the theory.

In a nutshell, it is a process of getting in tune with how you want to feel in order to create, as Danielle Laporte the creator of Desire Map calls them, goals with soul.

Or more simply, to create goals and make decisions that make you feel good.

That’s the bottomline of this whole process – to feel good. Whatever ‘good’ may mean to you.

I spent 2 days in Marcy’s cozy living room with 8 other women, all strangers to me, to talk feelings and how I wanted to feel.

There was laughter, there were tears and over the course of those 2 days a deep bond, dare I say a sisterhood of sorts, was created.

In all my life, I have never been so open and vulnerable, not only with people I’d never met before, but with myself.

It was such an enlightening experience, something I wouldn’t trade for the world.




I will confess, this wasn’t my first time doing the Desire Map. I actually went through the process by myself about a year ago. However, looking back – I definitely did not go as deep, my feelings were very surface level feelings.

Honestly, I don’t think I was ready to open myself up then. To take a good long look at all the parts of my life, even the messy bits. That was terrifying to me.

Which is why I’m so thankful for Marcy and this workshop, as it gave me the safe space and time to dig deeper.

To embrace my past, even the fuck-ups – heck, especially the fuck-ups. To be grateful for it all and realize how everything has lead up to this point. Without the fuck-ups I wouldn’t be where I am today.

And I think I’ve sufficiently said ‘fuck’ enough for one paragraph. I feel good. (Author’s note: Sorry Mom 😀 )






The first day of the workshop was all about reflection.

Reflection on times we felt bad and times we felt good. On where we’ve been, where we are, and where we hope to go.

I’m a writer, so when it came time to start reflecting on how we wanted to feel in different areas of our lives, I word vomited all over my workbook. Marcy even commented that when she checked in on everyone it looked like I was writing a novel.

I was.

I wrote all through the end of the first day. Went home both mentally and some how physically exhausted. Barely ate dinner, crashed. Got up early the next morning and wrote for another 2 hours more before heading back for day 2 of the workshop.

Clearly I had some stuff I needed get out.

So I am, again, so grateful for the space and time to do this sort of soul cleansing process. Cause I know if it was just me at home, I would not get back into it the following day.





While day 1 was a very quiet and contemplative time, day 2 was full of energy and excitement.

This was the day we would choose our core desired feelings.

I found it funny, as I went in the second day with feelings already on my mind that I was pretty confident I was going to choose, but once we got going, I didn’t end up with a single one.

It was such a happy day. The energy in the room was electric as we finally went around and declared our core desired feelings.










Here’s a list of some of my favorite core desired feelings declared:

Rapturous / Magnetic / Endlessness / Duality / Full of my soul / Rebellious / Light up the sky / Free / Marvel / Seen / Giddy / Converging at a common center / Devotional / Expansive / Curious / Glowing / Boundless / Sensing / Earthy / From the inside out / Ready

As for me, I declared my core desired feelings as:

In tune / Bright-eyed / Anchored / BIG

And a secret one I added, that I feel encompasses everything I want to feel – Burning ball of light.

So as we did when declaring our CDF’s:




I am BIG.



I can not express how much clarity this workshop has given me, not only for day to day life but with my blog, my new business venture, my relationships – everything!

For years, I have felt like I’ve been walking in a dense fog. Heading in an unknown direction, searching for something, but not quite sure what; running at full speed but feeling as if I was going nowhere.

With this experience, that fog has started to lift and I finally (finally!!) see a path before me and light on the horizon.

That sounds really cheesy. But, you know what – it’s how I feel.

In just one week I’ve developed a new awareness of my feelings and I’m beginning to point out what’s wrong when I’m not feeling ‘good’.

If there’s chaos and mayhem at work or at home and I’m filled with anxiety – I’m not feeling anchored.

If I’m overwhelmed and stressed, and my mind is bouncing all over – I’m not feeling in tune.

DCT was even impressed with the new-found level of self-awareness.

And to impress a feelings guy like DCT is a big win in my book 😉

I keep saying it, but it’s only because it’s so true – this experience was incredibly eye-opening and exactly what I needed at this time of my life.

The universe/God/whatever you want to call it seriously moves in mysterious ways and, as weird as this may sound, I can feel it beginning to shift and connect the dots in my life.

If I could only use one word to describe this workshop it would be clarity.

You gain so much clarity, it is out of this world.


So, in closing, if you’re looking for a little more clarity, to reconnect with yourself, or just feel stuck in a rut and are trying to figure a way out of it. I would sincerely urge you to look into attending a Desire Map workshop.

I may be a little biased, but I think Marcy is AWESOME. And I would 100%, no question recommend you do a workshop with her. She’s obviously based here in Chicago, but if you’re not in Chicago that shouldn’t deter you – one of the girls actually flew in from Virginia for the weekend just to attend. Marcy will also be offering an online version and depending on what city you’re in there very well may be a workshop near you. Check this site to find out.

And yes, it costs money. But the amount of insight and clarity it brings, the bonds you create, and the renewed sense of self are worth every. single. penny.



Again, thank you to Marcy and all the beautiful women who attended the workshop for being so welcoming and allowing space for me to be me.

I am eternally grateful.



Thanks to Krysta Ann for the wonderful photos!

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