It’s Always Darkest Before The Dawn



Ain’t that the truth.

Friends, I have had quite the weekend.

Who knew cozying up in a quaint living room for 2 days with 9 other women, who were all strangers to me before this, could be so incredibly eye-opening, joyous, and humbling.

It was mentally exhausting yet refreshing at the same time.

I have never felt so open and vulnerable with myself and y’all – it felt so GOOD.

I am grateful that it happened. I am sad that it has ended. But I am absolutely thrilled for what lies ahead.

I can’t find the words to fully express all the feelings I have right now. But there’s a fire in my belly – I’m simply overflowing.

So instead of trying to put my feelings into words, for right now I just want to enjoy the feeling of them.

I want to wrap myself in their glory.

Therefore, today’s post is going to be short and sweet, with some uplifting tunes to kick off your week.

I’ve always loved Florence + The Machine, something about her voice and the beats in her music just pumps my soul.

This single, Shake it Out, is a perfect expression of how I’m currently feeling and pretty much sums up where I’ve been, where I am, and where I’m going.

Take a listen and don’t be afraid to get up and move.

Use this as a moment to shake it out, whatever ‘it’ may be for you.

Thank you for reading and being a part of my journey.

I am immensely grateful for you.

feeling all the feelings,


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