23 joyful ways to add more fun to your winter days


So we’re pretty much in the dead center of winter. Yesterday was 1 degree. ONE! Just thinking about it gives me the shivers.

We’ve come a long way, but there’s clearly still a good ways to go.

So where do you find the resiliency to keep pushing forward? To keep your eye on the horizon?

Winter delirium, cabin fever, call it what you want the best way out – I’ve found – is to let your inhibitions go.

Act silly, play around, indulge in your childlike wonder.

They say laughter is the best medicine after all.

Below are 23 joyful acts to add more fun to your winter days. Because one of the secrets to a joyful life is creating tiny pockets of cheer dotted throughout your days.

So cheers to choosing joy!


1. Ice skating dance party – get a bunch of friends together and make it epic

2. Snowball fight!

3. Bundle up and roast marshmallows outside – who says you can’t grill out during the winter?

4. Have a hot chocolate party – maybe in congruence with roasting marshmallows? Add some whiskey for an extra warmth *wink*

5. Grab your fluffiest pillows and coziest blankets, then curl up to read on the floor by a fireplace. Don’t have one? Netflix has got you covered.

6. Go play in the park during a light snow fall, swings and slides are fun no matter the season.

7. Host an at-home spa retreat. Music, candles, aromatherapy, oils, face masks, friends. You know.

8. Have a F*$k You, Winter Party – crank up the heat, make tiki cocktails and invite friends to come in their favorite summer wares. Provide flip flops at the door.

9. Crank some of your favorite tunes and sing – LOUD.

10. Bubble bath anyone?

11. Buy the coziest, yet ridiculous, slippers you can find and wear them around the house, they’ll bring a smile to your face every time you look down.

12. Make an extravagant brunch – it’s the most important meal of the day after all!

13. Feng shui your apartment for positive and energizing ju-ju.

14. Have a cookie exchange, because who doesn’t love cookies?

15. Create a group Pinterest board and invite friends to pin all the things they want to do come summer – be sure to actually do them once the warm weather hits!

16. Grab your beau or best gal pal and get dressed to the nines. Head to a ritzy restaurant. Act fancy. Have a cocktail. Order dessert only.

17. Run around in an open park with a dog. Don’t have one? – borrow a friend’s!

18. Crank up some pop tunes and have a mid-day dance party. If you’re at home, pants are optional.

19. Read a book out loud. Be sure to give each character their own voice.

20. Dig out your holiday lights and string them up inside your apartment. Shut off all other lights and enjoy the warm glow and instant cheer.

21. Build a blanket fort and have an indoor picnic.

22. Take your favorite Pinterest board and recreate it in real life for extra inspiration.

23. Binge watch fun YouTube videos. Be sure to share with someone who could use a giggle.

filled with joy,



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