How do You Define ‘Having it All’


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How would you define “having it all”?

It’s something we all strive for, right?

But what is it exactly?

And how does one reach the point where they can say ‘I have it all’?

I want you to take a look at a video from the Haute Havens series sponsored by Nissan. In it you’ll meet maternity lifestyle maven, doula, and yoga expert Latham Thomas and take a little tour of her New York City home.

Latham is all about living well, she is an inspiration to women and is someone I would say represents the concept of “having it all”.

While Latham’s home is without question gorgeous – I mean those city views, not to mention that BATHROOM, and she, without a doubt, has a successful life and career – I don’t think it’s her material possessions or career success that represents the true concept of “having it all”.

It’s her genuine spirit, attitude towards life, and appreciation of the little things.

Take a look at the video again and this time take note of all the things she points out in the apartment – yes she has a flawless kitchen and a lofty living space – but notice how she focuses on the details.

At first glance it may all seem like material goodies – but if you take care to listen, everything has a special meaning to her.

– fresh flowers to bring her love of the outside inside
– green juice to help her feel clean and refreshed at any time
– open spaces so she can be in constant community with her family, yoga students, and friends
– special mementos that remind her of the love and support of close friends
– cozy spots to zen out and appreciate some ‘me’ time
– a special space where she can take time to pamper herself.

Maybe you don’t live in a city high rise with picturesque views or have a killer marble bathtub (I don’t think I’ve expressed enough, how much I LOVE her bathroom, haha!) – but having it all isn’t about having an abundance of valuable possessions.

You can “have it all” just like Latham.

There are no set guidelines you must follow or end goal you must reach.

It’s an attitude. A state of mind. A grateful spirit.

Having it all” can be as simple as old jeans, a t-shirt, and the freedom to set out on foot to explore the world; or it can be as extravagant as always flying first class and owning the newest technologies.

It isn’t about meeting success by society’s standards, but by your own.

And it is different for everyone.

For me, having it all is the unconditional love and support of my family, marrying the man of my dreams, and getting to indulge in my creativity, love for style, and desire to help others through this blog.

You can have it all right now, right in this very moment, all you have to do is believe it, say it, own it.

The point is – it’s up to you.

So I’ll ask again – How do YOU define having it all?

Share with me in the comments – I’d love to know.

Keep living it up,



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2 Responses to How do You Define ‘Having it All’

  1. Her personality seems so genuine like you mentioned! she seems very down to earth, which is a very awesome trait to have. To me having it all is probably having a loving supportive family and a close group of friends who you can feel very comfortable with and know that they’ll always be there for you :) There’s probably more that I feel is part of having it all but I can’t think of them at the moment! haha sorry!

    • That was a great answer! I completely agree with having a loving and supportive family and friends. There doesn’t need to be any more to it than that – it’s totally up to you :)