Celebrate Diversity | A Manifesto for Being Uniquely You


Celebrate diversity. Celebrate being you.

That is the core message I want you to always take away from the content I create here on KATNP.

What makes this world so amazing is how different each and every one of us are.

It’s a beautiful mess of living beings and we should celebrate that!

In my journey to give KATNP a new direction and more meaning for both you and me, I’ve been doing some serious soul searching and I realized what I want more than anything is for you to realize what a rare, unique bird you are and how freakin’ AWESOME that is.

Your mind, body, and soul is one-of-a-kind and gosh darn-it you should embrace it.

Cherish it.

Freakin’ love the crap out of it!

It’s been said before, but there really is only one YOU that will grace this world – why not celebrate it?


A Manifesto for Celebrating Being You

In my moment of insight, I scribbled down all the things that celebrating diversity means to me and compiled it into a manifesto.

By definition a manifesto is a public declaration of policy and aims.

So think of this as a battle cry, a call to arms, a raising of the colors to celebrate being an individual.

This isn’t something that is set in stone and can never be changed.

This will grow and evolve, just like you and me.

So without further ado…

A Manifesto for Celebrating Diversity

Celebrating diversity is not pointing out how we differ, but embracing one another’s uniqueness.

Celebrating diversity is about realizing that you get to make your own choices, and that you don’t have to live out what someone else has prescribed for you. It is realizing you are your own best investment.

Celebrating diversity is pushing yourself to do things that scare you. It is dreaming big and doing even bigger.

Celebrating diversity is surrounding yourself with positive people who love and encourage you to be you.

Celebrating diversity is doing what makes you happy no matter how cheesy or uncool it may be.

Celebrating diversity is staying true to your unique vision.

Celebrating diversity is not being afraid of strangers.

Celebrating diversity makes “normal” people nervous.

Celebrating diversity is being an individual.

It is being connected.

It is spontaneous.

Celebrating diversity is always evolving.

Celebrating diversity is different for everyone.

Celebrating diversity is learning lessons and then helping others.

Celebrating diversity is finding inspiration in the everyday and shirking the mundane.

Celebrating diversity is saying yes to your curiosities. It is shedding beliefs, fears, and worn out ways of living.

Celebrating diversity is demanding adventure.

Celebrating diversity is refusing to compare.

Celebrating diversity is breaking the rules, making new ones, and breaking them again.

Celebrating diversity is taking risks. It is refusing to settle.

Celebrating diversity is dancing to the music in your own heart.

Celebrating diversity is wearing what you want – to hell with the trends.

Celebrating diversity is radically beautiful. It is loving others for who they are.

Celebrating diversity is living large even if you have less.

Celebrating diversity is not only about loving the color of our skin, but the thoughts in our mind and the dreams in our heart.

Celebrating diversity is celebrating being you.

I hope you are ready and willing to go on this journey with me.

It’s going to be a hell of a ride.

Thanks so much for reading and if you enjoyed this manifesto I would love it if you shared it with your friends.

Celebrating y-o-u,


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2 Responses to Celebrate Diversity | A Manifesto for Being Uniquely You

  1. Beautiful Manifesto Ashlei!! I loved it! It’s very inspiring :) I love diversity and this makes me love it even more 😀