Musing of a creative: Stop dreaming, start doing

Musing of a creative: stop dreaming, start doing

You may say that I’m a dreamer – and I wouldn’t say that you’re wrong.

I love a good daydream. I can zone out and get lost in one for hours.

I vividly remember my parents always getting frustrated when they would send me to my room for timeout – it wouldn’t phase me. They would find me on my bed, playing with the barretts in my hair, creating a whole fantasy world – completely oblivious to the fact that I was technically in trouble.

That sort of wild imagination has followed me into my adult years and is why I have a high tolerance for completing mundane tasks. I may be there physically folding clothes, but mentally I’m off having a fabulous lady date with Mindy Kaling, filled with laughs, cocktails and shopping her closet.

Being a dreamer and having your mind filled with thousands of creative ideas is a great gift, but it comes with a price. A price I have been running up for quite some time.

If you were to stop by my apartment unannounced there would be two things you may notice immediately – (1) I have lots of shoes thrown about {which drive DCT crazy, but we all have our vices} and (2) I also have lots of notebooks piled on tables, chairs, and hiding in nooks & crannies. They’re almost more prevalent than the shoes.

I love notebooks, something about using pen and paper to make note of something feels sacred in this digital age.

But like I said, I have a lot of them and they’re all filled to various levels with ideas, dreams and aspirations. Which is great! I have an abundant, albeit scattered, source of inspiration. But these notebooks are also symbols of my extreme lack of progress.

You see, each page is filled with lessons or thoughts or ideas I wanted to implement in my life. And I wrote them down so they would be out of my head and on paper in effort to actually do them. But therein lies the problem, with so many ideas scattered about – how do you even begin?

As I said, I’m a dreamer – and I’ve spent so much of my time dreaming about life, that I’ve ended up neglecting the actual living part.

Maybe you’re the same?

As John Lennon so notably sings – “You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” (Imagine)

Maybe you, too, have piles of notebooks or post-its or excel sheets of dreams, ideas, and wishes that you love, but haven’t acted on.

I’d say it’s time for a change, wouldn’t you?

A new year is on the horizon, but who says you have to wait till then? Why not act right now?

Been wanting to start a blog? Start it.

Dreaming of cooking more at home? Click on that oven.

Think you’re worthy of a raise? Ask for it.

Ready to upgrade your style? Clean that closet.

Craving to be known as a writer {raises hand}? Write more.

It’s time to stop spending all your time dreaming, and start doing.

A new year is coming, let’s start making it the best year yet, today.

Will you join me?

As always – thanks for reading!



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