A Thanksgiving Plate Full of Gratitude


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope as you’re reading this your home is filled with the smells of mouthwatering dishes and the laughter of family and friends.

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting at the kitchen table of my grandma’s house surrounded by the chattering of family and I couldn’t feel more content.



This has been a hell of a year, heck it’s been a hell of season. I’ve felt stressed, defeated, overwhelmed, and constantly fighting the urge to just give up, especially these past few months.

I’ve been so heads down and one-sighted on goals, I’ve lost appreciation for the mini moments in life.

Which is why I love this time of year, being around family always brings about a much needed dose of perspective and gratitude.

It helps me realize why I put so much effort into this space every day and reconnects me to this blog’s purpose – to celebrate the beauty in diversity and find inspiration in everyday life.




While I’ve hit a number of bumps throughout this year, there were also moments that fill me with immense gratitude.

Just to name a few:



The list could go on – but the point is, though I may be stressed out, overwhelmed, and feeling like I’m going nowhere, if I take a moment to sit back and think about it – there’s TONS to be thankful for.

I have a lot of ideas, goals, and plans for the new year. But I don’t want to get into those today. Today is about taking the time to reflect on things that fill my heart with joy.

It’s a time to take a big ol’ bite out of that Thanksgiving plate full of gratitude.


I’d love to know – what are you grateful for? It can be big or small, a laundry list of items or just a select 3.

Tell me what you’re grateful for in the comments below and shout out a big THANK YOU to the universe or person that is filling you with joy today.

I’m grateful for you and that you read this post. Cause without that, well KATNP probably wouldn’t be the same space you’re seeing today.

So THANK YOU for reading!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

Now I’m off to eat some pie for breakfast 😉



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4 Responses to A Thanksgiving Plate Full of Gratitude

  1. My Dear,

    Fancy times call for fancy measures. Thanksgiving is the fanciest time of year for fancy parties.

    Mr. Fancy approves of this post and is VERY thankful for how fancy this is!