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Hey all!

Welcome to day 2 of gifting week! Today I’m sharing gifts for the creative soul.

I’ve always been more of the creative type and dabbled in all areas of “creativity” throughout my life. I was in concert band and drama club during my high school years and part of college. I took art history classes, did dance for a little while, fancied a life as a painter, wrote short stories – you name it I probably tried it once or twice.

Lucky for me, blogging has been a way to combine all my interests into one – specifically my secret passion for writing and growing love for photography.

These gifts are great for the creative thinker in your life who seems to have an artistic hand at everything. They’re a little bohemian, somewhat “artsy”, and maybe just a touch hipster. 😉

Also, please note a lot of these items are from Anthropologie, because I have a sick obsession and just can’t say no.

(Tip: Hover over the photo and click the icons for more details)

1. The best way to capture memories this season.

2. Notebooks a la mode.

3. One perfect piece featuring three charming layers for the bohemian at heart.

4. Monsters are totally en vogue.

5. Add some sartorial magic to any look with these evil eyes.

6. Laughter is the best medicine, but wine can help too.

7. Travel and get lost – the possibilities are endless.

8. Sometimes you need something so unique, you never want to take it off.

9. An easy way to enjoy and share your favorite collection of vinyls.

10. Empower and inspire your personal style.

11. Fisheye, macro, and telephoto lens all in the palm of your hand.

12. Bring a volt of beauty to your everyday routine, these soaps illuminate when placed under water and gentle remove excess oils while cleansing the skin.

13. This is actually meant for children, but it’s so stinking cute I couldn’t resist.

14. Bold decor to lure in and trap bad dreams.

15. Never lose sight of all your precious bits and pieces.

16. A cozy nod to the bohemian lifestyle.

17. Bringing good luck to the tea lover.

18. To keep your latest reads looking pretty on the shelf.

19. For when the gardener and artist in you combine.

20. Take your watercolor paintings up a notch. {these tools are a splurge, but really pretty}

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out yesterday’s gifts for the homebody and stay tuned for tomorrow’s gifts for the beauty maven 😉

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