Blogging during the Holidays | How to Prepare your Holiday Content


Ringing in November can only mean one thing – It’s holiday season!

Stores have replaced their pumpkin spice candles with the smell of evergreen, ghoulish decor with joyful faces of Santa, Frosty, & Rudolph; and I swear I’ve already heard Christmas jingles playing at my neighborhood Walgreens.

In case you were wondering, the holiday season isn’t coming – it’s already here.

Getting involved in the holiday craze on your blog is a great way to kick up traffic and – if you monetize your blog – bring in some end of the year cash money.

With that said, if you haven’t already started planning for the holidays on your blog……………you may be a little behind.

But don’t get discouraged!

Today I’m going to share 3 quick tips to help you prep your blog for the quickly approaching/kind of already here holiday season.


Tip #1 – Plan Ahead

Before you march into the holidays with cannons blazing, you need to have a plan of attack.

Here’s a list of all the major holidays that are occurring within the next month and a half:


Nov 27 – Thanksgiving

Nov 28 – Black Friday

Dec 1 – Cyber Monday

Dec 16 – Hanukkah

Dec 24 – Christmas Eve

Dec 25 – Christmas Day

Dec 26 – Boxing Day (Canada & UK)

Dec 31 – New Years Eve

Then there are a few smaller, non-official holidays including:

Nov 29 – Small Business Saturday

Dec 9 – Green Monday

Dec 22 – Super Saturday


That’s 11 holidays in the next 6 weeks. Which is at least 1 holiday per week.

Are you stressed out yet? {I am.}

This is why planning ahead is crucial.

You must decide what holidays you want to devote your time to. You don’t want to spread yourself too thin or scramble to participate in every celebration, especially with holiday travel and family get-togethers thrown in the mix – talk about overwhelm.

My suggestion is to choose two or three to focus on in your blog content and use your social media updates for anything else you may want to share.


Tip #2 – Prep Your Content & Start Sharing NOW

As I said in the beginning, if you haven’t started planning for the holidays yet, you’re already a bit behind. Major retailers & media outlets start talking holiday plans mid-summer – it’s that intense.

So, once you’ve decided what holidays you want to focus on start putting content together and sharing it – now.

Whether it’s a stocking stuffer gift guide, recipes for healthy party apps, holiday-themed cocktails, or an outfit post showcasing your festive style – don’t wait till the holiday to share.

You want to give your readers time to pick up that stocking stuffer, cook that app, mix that cocktail, or purchase that delightful party frock you showed.

This is especially important if you’re monetizing your blog. November 27 – Dec 2 is the highest-earning period during Q4. If you’re monetizing your blog then you definitely want to maximize your earning opportunity during this time.


Tip #3 – Perfect your SEO

This is direct from the mouths of Google:

“Holiday shoppers use the web, especially search, to figure out what gifts to buy, choose brands and decide where to purchase. In fact, the internet is the top resource for holiday shopping, with four out of five shoppers considering it the single most useful resource.”

If that doesn’t clue you in on how important your SEO strategy is for the holidays, I don’t know what will.

SEO is important all-year round, but if you’re looking to make an impact during the holidays it’s an essential tool to optimize. And one of the best ways to do so is refining your keywords.

According to data by Outbrain, last year the top keyword categories during the holidays were beauty & shopping. In terms of specific keywords “cocktail” was the top choice, doubling the average engagement level (read: lots of clicks!) for holiday content when featured in headlines. Cocktail was then followed by “shop”, “skin”, and “tricks”.

Something else to note – Outbrain also found that Americans seemed far more concerned with saving time than saving money. Keywords such as “quick”, “easy”, and “simple” trumped words like “budget”, “afford”, and “money”.

Click here to read the rest of their marketing insights – it’s fascinating stuff and could really help with your holiday promotions!


If you want to create holiday-themed content for your blog – start planning now! Decide what holidays you want to showcase, create your content, refine your keywords, and start sharing today!

While this time of year always brings about ridiculous amounts of stress, don’t forget to take some time and enjoy yourself.

You work hard and deserve some R&R, so embrace it!

If you enjoyed this post, share what you learned! I’m sure you have a blogger friend or two who’d love some advice on blogging during the holidays :)

Thanks so much for reading!



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2 Responses to Blogging during the Holidays | How to Prepare your Holiday Content

  1. These are all such great tips! I think it’s important to pick a few things to cover and make those your focus so the quality doesn’t suffer. I need to up my SEO game this time around 😉

    • Girl, you and me both! Totally agree about the quality of your content suffering if you’re trying to do too many things at once – I’ve fallen victim to that many of times 😛