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Welcome to another edition of my 20×20 style post series!

This series is where I take 20 pieces and style them into 20 different outfits.

After my first post about fall style I received lots of requests to do this again, but focus on workwear that you can also style for the weekend.

Well, your wish is my command.

Let’s breakdown the 20 work to weekend pieces…


{black blazer | grey blazer | navy cardigan | silk blouse | white button down | basic tee | sweater | sheath dress | pencil dress | wrap dress | black pencil skirt | floral pencil skirt | midi skirt | plaid trousers | grey trousers | boyfriend jeans | black pump | python wedge | chelsea boot | loafer}

I believe the key to having a work wardrobe – especially for a more corporate environment – that is versatile enough to wear on weekends is to focus on classic silhouettes {pencil skirts, sheath dresses, silk blouses}, then add your own personal touch by playing with colors, prints, and other accessories.

Conservative workwear pieces can seem suuuuuper boring and be less than inspiring to style. But this is your opportunity to challenge yourself and really let your creativity shine!

I hope the 20 outfits below, 10 for work and 10 for the weekend, give you a jolt of inspiration for your own wardrobe.



Again, these are just ideas for the base of your outfits. You can add a more personal touch with statement jewelry, a chic handbag, or funky hat. The options are endless!

Any questions? Ideas for another 20×20 style series? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!



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