what’s in my bag | blogger conference edition


Throughout my blogging career I’ve attended my fair share of blogger conferences.

For my first major conference I actually flew out to L.A. for Lucky FABB – it was by far one of the best investments I made in my early stages of blogging.

This summer I attended Simply Stylist Chicago and gained some wonderful insight on the fashion industry as a whole and got to meet one of my favorite bloggers Wendy of Wendy’s Lookbook.

I’m excited to share that this Saturday I’ll be attending the Brand Market Workshop hosted by Anna of In Honor of Design and Mandy of Waiting on Martha {where I’ll also see blogger buddy, Jess!} here in Chicago.

It’s always an all day affair with any conference or workshop. And after attending a few I’ve learned how important it is to pack accordingly.

Continue reading to see what’s in my bag for Saturday and be sure to tune in to my Instagram for updates throughout the day!


01. Macbook | I don’t usually bring my laptop with me just because I don’t feel like carrying it around. But it is handy for taking notes and updating on social media. Tuck it in a cheeky laptop sleeve and make sure wherever you’re going has good internet connection.

02. Notebook & pens | I’m old school when it comes to taking notes, while I appreciate the convenience of typing them up on your computer, I tend to remember important takeaways better when I jot them down in a notebook.

03. Business cards | One of the main reasons to attend any conference is meet and network with other people. I can’t begin to tell you how many connections I’ve made from handing out cards at conferences. These are a must-have.

04. iPhone | Instagram. ‘Nuff said :) {your phone is also a handy for note taking if you leave your laptop or notebook at home.}


05. DSLR | For more professional shots to include in an event recap on your blog.

06. Water bottle | Gotta stay hydrated. I find I forget to drink water throughout the day when I’m at a conference. I just get so excited running around meeting people that I forget about basic necessities. Having a water bottle on hand is great for those moments when you’re in the middle of a break out session or panel discussion and you realize how thirsty you are.

07. Snacks | Similar to the water bottle situation, while most conferences will have a catered meal or two {depending on the length}, it never hurts to have something to nibble on in between sessions.

08. Chapstick | No one wants chapped lips when you’re supposed to be mixing and mingling with fellow bloggers. I keep two in my bag, just in case.


I must confess how ridiculously excited I am for this workshop. I’ve been counting down the days/hours/minutes to Saturday. And I can’t wait to share my experience with you all!

Thanks for reading!



P.S. Speaking of workshops – The doors to Style & Styleability are closing tonight! But before they do, Hilary is jumping on a live call to answer any last minute Q’s you may have at 12PM & 8PM EST. Click here to sign up and receive a link to listen in!

 // Photography by Ashlei Mosley \\


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