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grow out challenge natural hair

Raise your hand if you remember my Love My Kinks Grow Out Challenge!







It’s okay, don’t fret – I forgot about it too.

Nevertheless, I figured it was time for a hair update! Even if I’m about 5 months late from when I said I would update you 😀

Better late than never though, I always say. {I don’t always say that, but you get my point}

So let’s review – in my last {and only} post for my grow out challenge I gave a breakdown of what I would do to help my hair grow.

Lets see how I’ve been doing:

1. Build (and stick with) a consistent wash routine

I’m going to be honest. My wash routine is anything but consistent. I {usually} go through the same process -ACV rinse, shampoo, condish – but when I actually wash my hair is when ever I remember I need to and have the time.

2. Moisturize

I’d like to say I kept up with a pretty good moisturizing routine, though I definitely had my off days {cough::weeks::cough}. This is one part that I tried my best to stay on top of.

grow out challenge natural hairgrow out challenge natural hairgrow out challenge natural hair

3. Low Manipulation

This is another part I believe I’ve been pretty good at maintaining. I don’t do too much to my hair, twists/twist outs only happen when I’m feeling ambitious or have a fancy event. And I was able to rock some marley twists during the summer months, which I think ultimately helped with the growth I’ve seen.

4. Dietary Improvements

This is definitely where I saw the most change. I have totally turned my diet and exercise habits around with a noticeable difference in the quality of my hair. Getting enough sleep is still a struggle {such is life}, however more daily water intake, weekly cardio and yoga exercises, as well as focusing on fresh, non-processed food has done wonders.

grow out challenge natural hair

And there you have it!

I’m actually very impressed at how long it is, if I can keep it up for the next year {eek!} then it should be at a great length for the wedding.

I’d like to make the promise of keeping track and updating you all again in the next 3 months, but in all honesty….

don’t hold your breath. 😀

Thanks for reading!


// Photography by Ashlei Mosley \\


10 Responses to love my kinks grow out challenge | length check

  1. Nice growth! I’ve recently done big chop no. 3, mostly because of poor maintenance (a.k.a heat damage). I hope to see more length in Spring. Thanks for tips!

  2. Finally I see someone with the same texture as mine!!! Might be the same length too LOL! !! What year is this from?

  3. u are beautiful!!
    My baby girl is 7 months old and i find it very challenging to care for her hair. It n tangles, n i don’t know how to detangle a babies hair without hurting. I use olive oil for her hair n its still very dry Hope u can give some tipps on how to take care of babies kinks.
    I myself rock locs, my hair routine is a bit different.
    much blessings, Rita

  4. I love that you made this challenge and stuck ti it. My daughters and I have been growing out our hair naturally but me so more than then they have been putting tracks and wigs on. I have had my hair in braids for about a year now. Im going to try the formcurls.