October’s Chic Reads | Blogger Roundup


Does anyone else feel that October went by both kind of slow and kind of fast?

Is that weird?

For some reason I feel like I was permanently stuck on October 9th (which coincidently is the same day as the Brand Market) and then one day I woke up and suddenly it was October 30th.

Does that make sense?

It probably doesn’t make sense.

Don’t listen to me I’m delirious.

In all seriousness, I’m ready for November. It signifies the upcoming holiday season and I love the holidays! Plus I have some killer content planned for you all 😀

So let’s close this month out with a bang!

Continue reading for my chic reads from the month of October!



And in case you were wondering {but lets be real, I know you were}, here are your favorite posts from KATNP this month!


Thanks for reading everyone!

Cheers to November!



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10 Responses to October’s Chic Reads | Blogger Roundup

  1. You’re the BEST. The temporary tattoos were such a hit and I think we are going to use them for New Years Eve, too :) Bring on November (and all the holiday chaos that comes with it)!!

  2. Thank you kindly for the feature Ashlei! October really flew by for me too. Crazy how that happens! Believe it or not, today is the first time it really feels like fall here in Northern California. Here’s to hoping that November feels more like fall.

    • You’re welcome Amber!It’s crazy how fast it went by, yet also felt like it dragged on….Hoping you get to enjoy some nice fall weather, it’s already taken a turn for freezing winter weather here in Chicago 😛