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What do you consider your best flaws?

Yes, you read that correctly.

I know many of us consider our flaws just that – flaws. Putting so much energy and time trying to cover up what we think is wrong.

But if you think about it, those “flaws” are what make us unique.

For example, one of my “flaws” is the gap between my two front teeth.


Thanks to my dad, I was also blessed with a big cheshire cat / Julia Roberts size grin that puts my gap front and center.

I used to be self-conscious about it – I even practiced smiling differently so as not to draw too much attention. All I wanted was to blend in with the other perfectly pristine & straight tooth smiles.

But I eventually came to the realization – where’s the fun in that?


Now I’ll admit it wasn’t until I was well out of college that I really started to embrace my flawed smile.

But it was time to start taking ownership of a unique characteristic that actually made me feel flawless.

And cue Beyonce….’I woke up like this…I woke up like this…We flawless, ladies tell ‘em…


I’m super excited to share why I’m waxing poetic about embracing your flaws – and conveniently got to drop Beyonce in my post – is because of a special beauty feature I was asked to participate in with The Everygirl along with Emily and Maya.

It’s called The Everygirl’s Quick Guide to Bare Makeup and highlights effortless makeup techniques you can easily duplicate at home.

Yass y’all! I am on The Everygirl!

If you don’t know this site click over there now, read my feature (duh!), and then poke around. It’s a fantastic space on the internet for creative, independent women and I’m absolutely thrilled to be on it!

Big thanks to Maritza for asking me to participate and to our fabulous photographer Cassandra and makeup artist Brenda. You all rock!

Now go check out the feature and ask yourself what unique characteristics make you feel flawless.

{feel free to have a Beyonce sing-a-long while you’re at it, I won’t judge}


Thanks for reading!


// Photography by Cassandra Eldridge \\


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