Fall Style 2014: 20 Pieces / 20 Outfits

fall style 2014

Over the past few weeks we’ve talked about fall trends and creating a foundation for your fall wardrobe.

Well now it’s time to put everything together and create some staple looks for your fall style this year!

I’ve gathered 20 pieces – many you’ll recognize from the previous post about building your foundation – and I’m going to show you how you can create 20 different outfits with just these items.

There’s a bit of a science to it, but I promise it’s all in good fun :)

First, lets break down what my 20 pieces actually are…

fall style 2014
{printed sweater / chunky sweater / cashmere sweater / striped top / grey knit top / anorak / pea coat / knit cardigan / sweater dress / knit dress / leather dress / pencil skirt / pleated skirt / bellbottom denim / printed trousers / leather leggings / riding boot / sneaker / open toe boot / ankle boot}

As I’ve mentioned in the past – your style essentials will be different from my style essentials, which will be different from someone else’s. That’s why it’s called personal style, right?

Therefore the proportions – or types of clothing – found in my closet will differ from yours.

Maybe you’re more of a skirts and dresses gal and turn your nose up at the thought of wearing pants.

Maybe you live in leggings and have a collection in all sorts of prints and colors

Or maybe you’re all about simplicity and keep everything as minimal as possible.

Either way, find what proportions work best for you and your wardrobe.

But Ashlei, how exactly do I figure it out?

Trial and error, my friends.

Try as much as you can to discover what you like (or don’t like) and what works for your lifestyle, body shape, etc.

For example, I like variety {both in my closet and in life} which is why you see a variety of pieces.

No matter how expansive or limited your wardrobe may be the key is to have pieces that go well with one another.

You don’t want to get stuck wearing the same combinations over and over – hello, style rut!

With that said here are 20 different outfits created from 20 pieces for this fall.

fall style 2014

Some of these looks may appear a little bare bones, but that’s where accessories – hats, belts, scarves, and jewels – come into play.

I have to say, after creating all these outfits I couldn’t be more ready for fall to officially get here!

How about you?

Thanks so much for reading!


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17 Responses to Fall Style 2014: 20 Pieces / 20 Outfits

  1. OK. Absolutely love this post! I’ve already bookmarked a couple things from your list. Would you be up to doing something similar for women that work in corporate, but need items that also can be worn during the weekend? For purely selfish reasons, of course. :)

  2. I love this too! Please do more like this. I’m trying to become a minimialist with my wardrobe, but I want it be classic and go a long way. I’m learning a lot from your posts! It’s helping me to stretch my imagination.

  3. Great post girl!! I love your 20 outfits and how you mixed and matched all of the pieces so well!!

    But dang girl, you’re graphic is awesome!! You are super talented at that!!

  4. This is an awesome round up. I’ve really tried to minimize my closet in the last few years, and now I work from home. It’s definitely paired down to the basics. I struggle with finding how to transition the usual skinnys and sweaters to more put together looks for going out. I thought dresses were my answer, but as you mentioned, people have different preferences, and those aren’t my thing. What kinds of pieces would you suggest I look for when looking to elevate a look but keep it relatively minimal?

    • Thanks Lindsay! I’m so glad you enjoyed it!

      I would say if you’re looking to elevate a minimal look for going out you should focus on the quality, feel, and color of fabrics you choose. Because you’re not piling on accessories or layers the quality of your items will be front and center – therefore more noticeable. This doesn’t mean you have to drop tons of cash on designer pieces, just be mindful of how a piece may look after a few wears.

      Tailored pieces will also be a go-to. I think a really sharp blazer can easily dress up a sweater and skinnies. Add a heel and maybe a bold lip color or, if you like accessorizing, a long pendant necklace.

      Hope that helped some! Let me know if you have any other questions! 😀