Creating a Foundation for Your Fall Wardrobe

my simple 3-step process for building a foundation for your fall wardrobe #fallfashion

Happy Labor Day!

Welcome to the end of summer and kick off to the fall season!

Usually I’m totally ready for the change in seasons, but I won’t lie – this summer came and went too quickly.

Nonetheless, fall is nearly upon us – at least here in Chicago – and it’s time to get ready for cooler temps.

I talked about 14 fall trends a couple weeks ago to get you excited about what’s to come. Today I want to discuss creating a foundation for your fall wardrobe, which you can sprinkle with your favorite fall trends.

Creating a base for your wardrobe each season is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of your sense of style, get clear on key pieces that make up your style, and maintain a shopping budget as you’re less likely to make frivolous purchases once you know what’s important to you and your closet.

Continue reading for my simple 3-step process for building a foundation for your fall wardrobe.



Create Your Mood Board

The first step to building the foundation for your fall wardrobe is to gather everything that inspires you and your fall style. This can range from colors, prints, and full outfits; to specific time periods or certain moods.

Above is a Pinterest board I created full of my inspirations for my fall style this year. Just from this little snippet you can start to see the colors, silhouettes, and pieces that inspire me this season.



Determine Key Colors, Silhouettes, Textures, & Prints

After you’ve found inspiration, grab a pen and paper and go over your mood board writing down any elements that continually jump out at you, such as colors, silhouettes, prints, and textures.

Here’s a breakdown of what I picked out from my board:

Colors: dark reds / white / charcoal grey / midnight black / camel brown / indigo / mustard yellow / army green

Silhouettes: lots of layers / relaxed fit / long lines / casual chic / cozy / loose paired with fitted

Textures: chunky / marbled / knitted / sleek / worn-in

Prints: stripes / animal print / plaid


Decide on 7-10 key pieces

Now you can decide on 7-10 key pieces that will make up the foundation of your fall wardrobe.

You’ll wear these items the most as they will be the base for outfits you create throughout the season.

Choose wisely – you want a wardrobe that’s versatile and true to you. Stay away from any pieces that are limited in their ability to mix and match within your closet.


{one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten}

Create a Wish List

If you’ve read my Savvy Stylist Guide you’ll know the importance of creating a wish list and keeping it on you at all times. This is especially helpful if you’re on a strict budget.

Jot down the key pieces you currently don’t have in your closet wherever you see fit – notebook, planner, iPhone notes, etc. I also like to add main colors, textures, and prints just in case I come across something that may not be a key piece but fits into my mood for the season.


What I love most about creating a wardrobe foundation is how it connects you to your sense of style.

No one is telling you what you should be buying. Instead you tap into what you want in your closet for the season.

So what do you think? Will you try this out for the coming fall?

Thanks so much for reading and enjoy your extra day off!

’till next time


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4 Responses to Creating a Foundation for Your Fall Wardrobe

  1. 1st of all I am madly in love with the name of your blog! Second of all I idea of building a foundation for your wardrobe. I used to do this all the time (although you have definitely given me some new ideas) but I somehow fell out of this habit and need to get back into it. Especially considering I am now embarking on this fashion blog journey. Thanks for the reminder and the tips! I appreciate it!

    • Thanks Melissa! I completely understand, I fall out of the habit all the time, haha! But it always feels that much better when you get back in the swing of things :)

      Glad you were able to take away a few new ideas and welcome to the fashion blogging world!