Breaking the {Fashion} Rules: White After Labor Day

To hell with rules.


They’re so restrictive – especially those in fashion.

Don’t wear white after labor day, don’t pair black with brown, or navy with black, or red with pink!

Silver with gold jewelry? Your shoes don’t match your bag? Gasp! For shame!



While some of these may be your personal preference, they’re certainly not rules everyone must follow.

I’m pretty sure I’ve broken these and more, with documentation on KATNP to prove it.

Fashion rules kill your opportunity to be creative with your style.

How will you ever know how classic you look in black jeans and brown riding boots or how playful a printed pair of pumps and neutral bag can be if you’re always concerning yourself with rules.



It’s been said before I know. And yet I still feel I got a few side-eye’s when out and about in my LWD {psst…little white dress 😉 } this weekend.

Similar to an LBD {acronyms are my favorite}, a white dress is a classic that works for every woman once you find the right silhouette and shade.

And yes, it works for all seasons, too. Though you may want to stay away from lighter fabrics in the colder months, I can guarantee you’ll see me on Instagram dressed in plenty of white this fall.

Take this look for example, granted I could’ve paired any color dress with this leather jacket and grey booties. A white dress brightens my entire appearance.

You would never know these photos were taken at 7:30 Saturday morning before showering off the remnants of a boozy Friday night.

Now that’s some style magic.



Instead of rules dictating ‘wear this’ and ‘don’t wear that’, I’ve discovered it’s about embracing principles.

Principles tailored to your body, lifestyle, and creativity.

A lot of which I’ve learned from my blogger friend & style crush Hilary.

Over the past week you’ve heard me talk a lot about her free video series and today brings about the last, and what I believe most impressionable, video.

It’s about how to flatter your figure – but not in the way you may think.

Head on over and watch this. As a wife, sister, daughter, friend, woman – this conversation matters.


Break the rules. Embrace principles. And say hello to your best self.

Thanks for reading!


p.s. Don’t forget this video series is only up for a limited time! Don’t miss out on all the valuable free training – watch it today!

::Get the look::

{dress | leather jacket {similar} | ankle booties | necklace | wool fedora {similar} | tote bag | lips}

// Photography by Ashlei Mosley \\


7 Responses to Breaking the {Fashion} Rules: White After Labor Day

  1. You look so adorbs, this is definitely one of my favorite looks on you. I love wearing white during all times of the year. It’s like black, chic, demure, and instantly glamorous. I love that you edged it up with that leather jacket

  2. […] this post from Sam & Peggy on burgundy for fall. Also, loved this post on how to wear white after Labor […]

  3. Great post Ashlei, love the dress!! I never understood that no white after Labor Day rule. Being from Jamaica, I wear white year round lol. I suppose due to the winter cold that’s why they came up with that, but then what about winter weddings and such?? I say wear white if it feels right!

    • Thanks Shae! I love that – ‘wear white if it feels right!’ – perfect saying, haha! I would wear white all the time in Jamaica, that would be magical! 😀