The Pursuit of Happiness


I’m sitting here halfway through a bottle of wine contemplating the concept of happiness.

Red wine always puts me in an introspective mood. Combine that with a night you’re supposed to spend blogging and you’ve got yourself a post filled with personal musings.

These past few days have been afflicted with sadness. I’m not one to be personally affected when a celebrity or someone of note passes away. However the sudden death of Robin Williams really brought me down.

I can’t explain to you why – possible mixture of childhood memories and PMS – but I had to avoid my Facebook feed and any news site for fear of bursting into tears uncontrollably. Don’t even get me started on his daughter’s tribute to him – just the thought of it makes me choke up inside.

With all this heartache, it’s hard to think of being happy. But that’s something that Mr. Williams was quite good at. Though he may have battled with his own inner demons, he had an uncanny ability to make us happy.


Almost everything we do in life is aimed at achieving or maintaining “happiness”.

By definition, happiness is the quality or state of being happy, which is to be delighted, pleased, or glad over a particular thing.

Sometimes we like to complicate the idea of happiness. We overthink and fall into the trap of comparison – if I had that personality, if I had that job, or that relationship, or those clothes and that body – then I’d be happy.

But those thoughts are recipe for disaster.

The key to being happy is choosing to be happy. Nobody {or material thing} can make you happy but yourself.

This is easier said than done, I know. But you have to stop waiting for happiness to come and instead go out and claim it.

outfit-post-kimono-jacket outfit-post-kimono-jacket-boyfriend-jeans-strappy-sandals-2


{wearing: kimono jacket – nordstrom rack (similar) / boyfriend jeans – old navy / sandals – shoemint (loving these birkenstocks) / tank top – nordstrom rack (similar) / necklace – vintage (similar)}

I love wearing this bright kimono jacket because it’s cheerful and brings a smile to the faces of others. It’s simple and maybe even a little silly that a jacket can make you happy. But it’s always the little things – right?

The point is, we have to stop complicating things. Simply find what it is that makes you happy – and this can be anything from getting a dog or living abroad, to buying fresh flowers or having an extra glass of wine at the end of the day.

Only you have control over your happiness. It’s always within you, but it’s up to you to reach inside and find it.


Thanks so much for reading!

’till next time.


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