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I love seeing women make a name for themselves and today it’s my pleasure to introduce someone who’s doing just that.

Meet Jasmine, Creator of [on] [ya’e] Natural Skincare. Jasmine has been an avid follower of KATNP, so when she reached out to me about her natural skincare line and sent me some of her lovely products to try, I knew I had to share her with you all.

Instead of me standing on my soapbox, preaching why her products are so great. I thought she could tell you herself.

Continue reading for my interview with Jasmine where we discuss how she started [on] [ya’e], what goes into her products, and the best way to use them for your natural locks. Plus my honest opinion at the end!

onyae-natural-skincare-interview-9 onyae-natural-skincare-interview

Ashlei (KATNP): Thanks so much for doing this interview! Let’s jump right in – tell us a little about yourself.

Jasmine (Onya’e): I’m Jasmine, I’m 25 years old and I am the Creator of [on] [ya’e] Natural Skincare. I am also a Photographer and Graphic designer. I’m a sucker for natural lighting, gardens, nature hikes, yoga and reading Eat Pray Love and inspiring quotes on Goodreads.

Ashlei (KATNP): How long have you been making skincare products?

Jasmine (Onya’e): Going on 8 months now.


Ashlei (KATNP): What made you want to start a skincare line?

Jasmine (Onya’e): During my last year of college back in 2012, I started getting into natural skincare products that people would never think to use on their face and bodies without the use of toxins and harsh chemicals. So I created a natural skincare line from scratch for my graphic design thesis. I researched ingredients, designed the labels, frosted my jars, photographed models in the studio and created a how-to guide on how to use things like Sea salt, Rosewater, Oatmeal, and Baking Soda for the body.

Then a year after I graduated college I started wearing my hair natural and did even more research on non-toxic ingredients to use for my natural hair. And that’s when I really started getting into it. And January was when I officially announced that I was going create my own line – it all happened very fast.

A: The name ‘Onya’e’ is beautiful. Does it mean anything? How did you come up with it?

J: The name Onya’e is actually my middle name. I have no idea what it stands for. I tried googling it and multiple links come up but no real meaning.

A lady gave it to my Mother when I was born because she ended up having a son instead of a daughter. I’m glad she shared this unique name with my mom.

A: You use a variety of interesting ingredients, where do you source them from?

J:  I source my ingredients from Bulk Apothecary, Wholesale Supplies Plus, and Mountain Rose Herbs, and other bulk soap websites with organic ingredients.


A: Where do you make everything and how long does it usually take to make one product?

J: I make everything in my very own kitchen. And it usually takes a couple of hours including clean up.

A: Your products are made of refreshing mixtures, such as shea butter, candelilla wax, geranium, and St. Johns wort oil. How do you come up with the mixtures for each product?

J: I do heavy research on ingredients – what works for our bodies and what doesn’t. I also research the proper tools that are to be used while I mix. After learning what certain oils and butters do for the face and body, that’s when I get creative. I put together what I feel is the most beneficial for the skin. Then add the right scent to top it off.

A: What are your favorite ingredients to use?

J: My favorite ingredients to use are Shea Butter, Candelilla Wax (a vegan alternative to beeswax) and Lavender Essential Oil.

A: And your favorite product?

J: My favorite product is my Sweet Healing Body butter. It’s super soft, highly moisturizing, long lasting and it has a beautiful aroma to it.

onyae-natural-skincare-interview-8 onyae-natural-skincare-interview-12

A: What products are most popular among your customers?

J: My customers love the Lavender/Peppermint Vegan Lip Balm, the Tinted Peppermint Lip Balm, and the Sweet Healing Body Butter.

A: How would you recommend using your products for women with natural hair?

J: I recommend using my Vegan Hair Balm, it’s good for the scalp, dry hair and brittle ends. I’ve noticed that women who wear their hair in it’s natural state always have to deal with dry hair that hardly keeps in moisture. Use the Hair balm after a wash for oiling the scalp, rubbing the oil on the ends after a twist-out, or before blow drying. It leaves the hair feeling soft and hydrated and easier to tame. Plus a little goes a long way.

A: Where can we purchase your line?

J: You can purchase my line at:

A: What are your future goals for [on] [ya’e] Natural Skincare?

J: I want to continue to branch off-line and have my items sold in multiple store locations and to be featured in magazines.

A: Anything else we should know?

J: I really feel that it’s important for both men and women to do their research on skincare and haircare products. It is vital to know what you are putting on your body and hair every single day. And harsh chemicals should not be one of them.

Fantastic girl, right?


So my honest opinion on [on] [ya’e] Natural Skincare products?

I’ll admit I was skeptical at first, as we all are when trying a new product. But I was pleasantly surprised at how well made everything was.

I tried her lip balms, the Sweet Healing Body Butter, and the Vegan Hair Balm. And while they’re all fantastic, my favorite is the hair balm.


I’ve been putting a small dollop in my hair every morning and it feels soft and lush all day, without being greasy. The consistency is similar to raw shea butter – you have to melt the product in your hands before putting it in your hair. And the floral scent is perfection as it’s light enough that you’re not walking around smelling like a tropical fruit stand.


All in all, I would highly recommend trying out [on] [ya’e] Natural Skincare products.

Thanks again to Jasmine for joining me for the interview and to you all for stopping by! Be sure to check out her store on Etsy.

I hope you had a fantastic weekend. Happy August! #holyshitwheredidsummergo?!

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