3 Secrets to Finding the Most Flattering Summer Shorts for Curvy Women

summer shorts for curvy women

During the summer I always find myself struggling with the concept of shorts. I’m a curvy lady. I’ve got big boobs, a round Brazilian-like (or so I’ve been told 😉 ) butt, and I’ve come to accept that my full thighs will forever rub together when I walk.

I love my curves and I’m happy to have what’s considered a “more womanly” shape. But, as I’m sure many curvy ladies know, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. There are plenty of challenges, especially when it comes to our closets.

Enter the shorts.

I have a love-hate relationship with shorts (or really with pants in general). In my mind they’re super cute, sassy, and I liken myself to Baywatch babe material.

But in reality they’re uncomfortable, hot, and stick to all the wrong areas – if you know what I mean…

I know I’m not alone in the struggle with wearing shorts. So today I’m sharing 3 secrets I’ve learned to help find the most flattering summer shorts for curvy women.

summer shorts for curvy women

First, pay attention to the length. The common inclination for many women with curves is to reach for long, down-to-the-knee shorts to “cover up”. However, this can end up drawing more attention to the areas you wish to camouflage and make you appear stumpy, especially if you’re on the shorter side.

Instead, opt for shorts that hit right about mid-thigh. It cuts your thigh in half – creating the illusion of being slimmer – and can help stop them from riding up to your nether regions. Boyfriend shorts are a perfect option as they’re typically cut larger and are super roomy, i.e. so comfortable!

summer shorts for curvy women

Next, focus on the material it’s made out of. You want something in a sturdy fabric such as quality denim, high grade cotton, or thick linen. This will help the shorts hold their shape as you go about your day and keep from being a wrinkly, bunched up mess by the time you return home.

summer shorts for curvy women

summer shorts for curvy women

Skip on those flimsy polyester shorts from stores like Forever 21 – no matter how cute they are. I guarantee you if your thighs are anything like mine they will destroy them (true story). Instead, invest in a couple pairs from places like J.Crew who use higher quality fabrics. They’ll last more than one season and you won’t have any insecurities walking down the street.

summer shorts for curvy women

Finally, look for a straight or slightly wide leg cut. A wider cut can give the illusion of a slimmer thigh and, again, keeps the shorts from clinging to the wrong areas.

summer shorts for curvy women

And those are my 3 secrets to finding the most flattering shorts for curvy women. Now I’d love to hear from you! Any tips or tricks you have for wearing shorts this season? Any brands you’d recommend? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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*What I’m Wearing: Top – H&M (similar) / Shorts – Gilt City (similar) / Shoes – Forever 21 / Tote – Madewell / Necklace – Vintage / Sunnies – Elizabeth & James


7 Responses to 3 Secrets to Finding the Most Flattering Summer Shorts for Curvy Women

  1. I love daisy dukes and high wasted shorts. I either add a belt, tuck my shirt in, or wear it long enough to cover half the shorts. I love showing off my legs in the summer. It’s fun to do so with cute different tops to dress it up

  2. I love that you embrace your curves and think this outfit is really cute on you. I don’t know but these twists are turning up your swag to 1000! Haha, and congrats on booking the venue for your wedding, I’m so excited!