How to Keep Cool and Look Stylish in Hot Weather

look stylish in hot weather

It’s getting hot in here. So take off all your clothes.

Only don’t.

I know as much as we love the warm weather it can be quite difficult to get dressed when all you want to do is stand naked in front of your freezer – I know I’m not the only one.

As the temperatures rise, clothing starts disappearing and some of us may find ourselves tip toeing the line of indecent exposure.

Contrary to popular belief you can keep cool while keeping your clothes on during extremely hot weather. Simply follow these guidelines for chic heat wave style.

look stylish in hot weather

The number one thing to consider when dressing for a heatwave is the type of fabric. This may be a no-brainer, but you want material that breathes. So fabrics like cotton, linen, and even bamboo should be your go-tos when temperatures are reaching their highest.

While you’ll want to stay away from synthetics, rayon is an option. It’s not as breathable as cotton, but it drapes well and holds its shape even when wet.


Next think about elements that provide the best circulation. The cut-out trend is not only for flashing some skin but it also provides more breathing room and allows for air circulation when theres no wind.

If cut-outs aren’t your cup of tea, stick to flowy pieces that skim your body rather than cling to it. The less fabric that contacts with your skin the cooler you’ll feel.

look stylish in hot weather

Now I’m going to talk about something that’s awkward and may gross some people out. But we all know when it gets hot out your body temperature rises and therefore you start to sweat.

Sometimes when it’s especially hot out your feet can start to sweat too (told you this was about to get awkward). And it’s the worse when you’re wearing those pretty, barely there sandals. You find yourself slipping while walking and are guaranteed a blister or two the next day.

The solution? Wear sandals with lots of straps. This gives your feet something to hold on to especially if you’ll be out walking all day.

bright yellow strappy sandals

I absolutely adore this LBD – it’s the perfect hot weather dress. Even though the fabric is synthetic, the open back and asymmetrical cut keeps me cool.

Paired with my bright yellow strappy sandals for an extra punch, I’m ready for whatever this heat has to bring me 😉

look stylish in hot weather

And those are my guidelines for chic heatwave dressing.

Now it’s your turn! How do you stay cool when it’s steamy out? Share your thoughts in the comments below :)

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*Wearing: Dress – Shopbop / Sandals – Shoemint (similar) / Crossbody bag – Vintage Coach / Sunglasses – Elizabeth & James / Jewelry – Random


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