fancy {pajama} pants


I can already see my father shaking his head at this.

Father: “Fancy pajama pants? You’re just going to sleep in them – why do they have to be fancy?”

Me: “Yeah, no, I actually don’t sleep in these, they’re for wearing out, like to work or happy hour.”

Father: “Do you sleep at work or happy hour?”

Me: “No, Dad! Well, maybe sometimes….but that’s beside the point. These pants are meant to be loose-fitting and comfy – so I feel like I’m wearing pajamas, while looking totally put together at the same time!”

Father: {perplexed stare}

Me: “What? Mom thinks they’re great.”

Father: {laughs to self, walks away, shakes head}

I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve had this exact conversation with my father over my style choices. I’m the only girl, so I was always extra scrutinized. And while he still puts in his two-cents, he’s also come to accept my offbeat behavior. 😀

I’ve mentioned my love-hate relationship with pants before. Nonetheless, slouchy {pajama} pants have been my jam –and peanut butter – this summer.


outfit-post-tuxedo-pants-4 outfit-post-tuxedo-post-2


I think it’s the versatility that truly attracts me. Add more ladylike details for a chic day at the officesmart pumps are a must. Or go relaxed and sporty by rocking the summer shoe staple – slip ons.

Simply dress them to how your personality and sense of style see fit.

No matter what your father may think. 😉

{Love you, Dad.}


What do you think of slouchy pant trend?

How would you style a pair of fancy pajama pants for the day?

I can’t wait to read your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

’till next time


*Wearing: Tuxedo pants – Nordstrom Rack (these look both comfy & fab) / Tank top – Nordstrom Rack (perfect for summer) / Sandals – Zara (these are pretty cool) / Tote – Madewell / Scarf – Wantable / Sunglasses – Elizabeth & James


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