Little Known Ways to Transition Your Hair Care Routine to Summer

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Chicago is being a bit of a tease when it comes to warmer weather, it’s in the 70’s one day and drops back down to the 30’s the next. But nonetheless, I know summer is coming and with that a need to do some slight tweaks to my hair care routine. I love summertime hair as I can take an even more laissez faire attitude, because things get to be so simple and I’m not as worried to let my hair go a little wild – it’s all in good summertime fun! Today I’m sharing how to transition your hair care routine from winter to summer in five simple ways.


Warmer weather means more outdoor activities in the heat which means more sweat and dirt will be building up in your hair. Adding another cleansing day to your routine will help keep the extra build up at bay. This does not mean you need to start buying more product, simply adding a mid-week rinse with some diluted conditioner or even a ACV (apple-cider vinegar) wash can help keep your hair looking and feeling squeaky clean.


Deep Conditioning

Warmer weather also means more moisture in the air (one thing I’m not looking forward to – the sticky feeling of humidity), because the air is becoming less drying the amount you deep condition can decrease from once a week to once every other or even every two weeks depending where you live and how your hair typically reacts to humidity. This helps eliminate your hair from looking and feeling weighed down or limp. If you want more tips on beating humidity check out my previous post –> here.

Styling + Leave-ins

Start incorporating lighter, water-based stylers and leave-ins over heavy butters and creams. Again, with the increase of moisture in the air, using heavy butters or creams can cause a lot of build up – fast, and your hair may not react as well to them as during the colder months. Water-based stylers are also great for creating light and fluffy hairdos.



While staying hydrated is important year round, it’s especially true during the summer. As they say – what you put in your body, will reflect on the outside and the summer heat can do damage to your curls if you don’t properly take care of them from the inside out. So drink lots of water and your curls will thank you :)

Take Some Extra Care

As mentioned, Summer brings a lot of outdoor activities, especially time spent at the beach or pool – which is great! But you need to be sure to take extra care when taking part of water-based activities. Both salt water and chlorine will dry out your hair, so be sure to replenish moisture as soon as you finish enjoying your fun in the sun!


Now it’s your turn, let me know how you transition your hair care routine to summer in the comments!

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