Style on a Budget // March

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Hey all!

I tried something a little different with my Style on a Budget video this time, let me know what you think – I’m still learning all the quirks of making videos. As promised the price breakdown for my March purchases are below. I do have to confess that I did buy a few more items than what I showed in the video, however they were all on gift cards I received for my birthday, so since I was technically shopping on someone else’s dime 😀 I didn’t add them in.


Embroidered Crop Top (Buffalo Exchange) – $17.50

Loose fit pants (Buffalo Exchange) – $14.00

Statement necklace (Buffalo Exchange) – $6.25

Metal Plated Sandals (Zara) – $34.95

Stripe Crop Top (H&M) – $12.00

Cargo Pants (H&M) – $34.95

Romper (H&M) – $29.95

Total Spent in March – $149.60

(February Total –  $132.51)

(January Total – $151.09)

Yearly Total – $433.20


Thanks again for watching! Happy Monday!



6 Responses to Style on a Budget // March

  1. I LOVED the video! Very polished and concise without feeling rushed. *thumbs up* That H&M crop top is everything. Love H&M to death! I’m really digging those red pants as well. Great job staying within your budget.

    p.s. I love the new layout of the site! If I had the dough I’d totally pay someone to revamp mine. This looks great! 😉

    • Thanks Toia!! Much appreciated for both the video and the site revamp 😀 I used Headway Themes – it’s a drag and drop theme builder, super easy to use and create customized layouts. You should totally check them out! 😀

  2. Love your videos, love that they got shorter, love that you have a “call to action” at the end… Maybe add that we should subscribe to your channel as well :) but I’m sad that you aren’t trying on the outfits anymore, it’s not the same when they are hung up you know?