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Hi all!

I’m bringing some Monday Motivation to you this morning as I want to discuss a topic that I believe as women we all experience. I know I’ve seen family members and friends go through this and I’ve actually been experiencing it myself lately.

Have you ever gone shopping and come across an item you absolutely love and can’t go home without, but alas, they only have a size smaller than you’d normally purchase, and you think to yourself ‘Well, I’m working out/dieting (or planning to start working out/dieting) surely I’ll be able to fit into this by {insert date, season, upcoming event here}‘ or maybe you’re in the middle of that workout/diet plan and though the clothes you own right now are ill-fitting, you don’t want to invest in anything new until you’ve reached that ideal spot with your body, and that’s your justification for putting up with ill-fitting items in your closet. It’s okay to admit it, we’ve all had some variation of these thoughts go through our mind.

Even I, fashion blogger and personal stylist who is supposed to be “above” those fashion faux pas have had those thoughts. In fact, during a recent shopping expedition – using the fact I’ve been working out and eating better as justification – I bought clothes that I thought I would surely fit in a few weeks because I’d been so good about working out. But, as you can probably guess, those few weeks have come and gone and those items still don’t fit quite like they should.


And though I long to  be able to rock those items – the fact is I let the idea of my possible future body, get in the way of my body today. It made me frustrated and annoyed with the items I bought, my closet overall, and myself – which is no bueno. To help change my attitude, I’ve started chanting a little mantra to myself every morning when getting dressed, and that is – dress for your body today. When shopping in stores, online, or in your own closet – pick clothes and create outfits that work for your body right now. Not a few weeks from now, or from 6 months ago, but right here and now.

Our bodies fluctuate so much, even when we’re working out and eating right other factors can still cause us to increase or decrease in weight/size. Also, it takes a significant amount of time before you start seeing significant changes in your body size or shape and this varies from person to person. It could take a year, five, even ten! On top of all that, even if you work to your maximum physical limits, your body could simply be physically incapable of being the ideal shape you have in your mind simply due to things such as your bone structure.

When you really think about it, if/when you reach that magical goal weight/size would it have been worth the feelings of frustrations and annoyance with your clothing during that transitional time? Why should you have to spend your days uncomfortable, uninspired, and unhappy with your clothes while working towards your goal? It makes no sense, and yet we continuously put ourselves through this cycle.


And so, I’ll say it again – dress for your body today. That doesn’t mean you have to go out and purchase a whole new wardrobe, now or ever. Simply bringing in a few key pieces that can be incorporated into your current wardrobe and help make it more flattering, functional, and fun can have such a positive and empowering impact on your attitude towards your closet. Not only that, it helps in developing a mutual understanding between your mind and body, you can start to love your body as it is, building confidence and making your inner light shine that much brighter.

Dressing for a body you either no longer have or have yet to attain makes you live for a past or future self and keeps you from enjoying the present. Buying clothing that is too-small today in hopes you’ll fit it “next year”/”this summer”/”someday” is setting you up for disappointment and is seldom the motivator you think it’ll be. I know, because I’ve made this mistake myself. And on the flip-side – wearing oversized, unflattering, dated clothing until you reach your goal can make you feel impatient, frumpy, and frustrated with your current selection.

Get ready ya’ll, cause I’m about get a little deep with you – the fact is, a big part of learning to love yourself, is learning to truly see yourself. Not as you hope to be down the road or as you were a few steps back, but right here and now. And while it seems like a simple concept, it is so hard to put it into practice. So unbelievably hard as we’ve conditioned ourselves to think we have to be a certain size or look a certain way to be considered beautiful.


But guess what?

You are beautiful.

Today. Right here. Right at this very moment. You. Are. Beautiful.

So stop letting how fabulous you were in the past or how rocking you’ll look in future cloud who you are today. You’re fabulous right now!


So what are you waiting for? Stop dressing for the body you hope to have or the one you miss and start empowering the one you have today.

Thanks for reading and have a kick ass Monday.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~

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