Style on a Budget – January // My First Video!!

It’s my first video!! What! What! Sorry it’s a bit long, in the future I won’t ramble as much 😀 This was definitely a learning experience, I was going back and forth on doing a video because I honestly have no real prior experience to filming/editing, but I finally decided to just take a shot at it and besides the late night editing glitches I ran into (that resulted in me yelling profanities at my computer screen), I’ve discovered I kinda like doing videos and I may try and incorporate them more into my regular posting schedule. So look out for that!

As promised, here is a full breakdown of my spending in January:

style-on-a-budget-january{Midi rings – Forever 21 // Moto boots – Target // Waffle knit sweater – Forever 21 // Neon beanie – Forever 21 // Distressed denim – Forever 21 // Striped Blazer – Forever 21 // Tinsel headwrap – Forever 21 // Dotted wide-leg pants – Forever 21 // Not pictured – gemstone drop & beetle earrings – Akira}

Midi rings – $3.80
Moto boots – $34.99
Sweater – $15.80
Beanie – $2.80
Denim – $29.80
Striped blazer – $29.80
Headwrap – $3.80
Dotted wide-leg pants – $14.80
Beetle earrings – $5.00
Gemstone earrings – $10.50

Total items – 10

Total Spent in January – $151.09

So I went a dollar and some change over, which isn’t horrible for my first month. I blame it on all the end of season sales everyone was having, it makes me want to buy more, haha! I’m striving to stay under as well as broaden my places to shop this month to show you can find great deals at other places outside of Forever 21 :)

Thanks so much for tuning in and listening to me ramble! Be sure to pop in tomorrow as I go over tip two for refreshing your winter style!

Thanks for reading (and watching!)!


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10 Responses to Style on a Budget – January // My First Video!!

  1. Great job Ashlei! Your first Video post is much much better than mine! These are great tips too for people who are pinching pennies for any reason but even better for those following their dreams! Hope to see you soon! xoxo – erin

  2. Great job on your first video! I love that you have given yourself the challenge of a budget. I love everything that you bought too. Also, your doggy-graphic tee with a striped blazer: i love it. It’s so perfect together.

    I also love your coach and pillows, but I’ll just save that for later, LOL.

  3. Great video Ashlei! You’re so bubbly, I love it. Awesome series too! I’m also pursuing the goal of being my own boss so the monies are tight. Forever 21 is a great place for affordable yet trendy pieces… thrifting is also a great option that I’ll be taking advantage of! Looking forward to more vids! 😉