Winter Weather Approved Snow Boots under $75


Hi everyone!

First I want to thank all of you who have participated in my little survey so far, I really appreciate the feedback! This weekend brought tons of snow to Chicago, from Saturday through Sunday it was non-stop! All the snow made me realize how my shoe collection is seriously lacking in practical snow weather footwear. Every winter I tell myself I need to purchase some real snow boots and every year I fail miserably. So in the spirit of what feels like an everlasting snow day and in effort to add more practical footwear to my closet this season I’ve rounded up a few stylish yet functional snow boots for your Monday shopping pleasure. Bonus: they’re all under $75!

snow-boots-under-75{1. Sperry Topsider / 2. Pajar Grip / 3. Raindrops Sibeira / 4. Sporto Kate / 5. Target Merona / 6. John Lewis / 7. Sporto Wendy / 8. Target Merona / 9. Sporto Delinda}

In addition to all the snow we’ve been having Chicago is supposed to be hit with a pretty nasty cold front today, last I checked we were going to reach a high of -11 degrees. Yes, that’s a negative 11….I think it’s time I start looking for a possible move to warmer climates, I hear Southern California is gorgeous this time of year 😉

If you’re in Chicago, stay warm! This winter is really testing us this year, Mother Nature is not playing around.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Thanks for reading!


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2 Responses to Winter Weather Approved Snow Boots under $75

  1. The weather here is a hot mess! Mostly because it’s cold. It feels like knives are being stuck into my face repeatedly, it pierces! All of that, and we’re only at 6 degrees over here so I feel like I can’t complain, negative any degrees would be worse so more power to you, stay warm! Some of these snow boots are so cute! I can’t wait to finally need a pair, since my dream city is located somewhere snowy 😉 Stay warm Ashlei! Or try to at least lol

    • Omg, it’s been the absolute worst. I haven’t left the apartment in 2 days, I’m starting to become a little stir crazy. I may have to hunker down at a coffee shop tomorrow just so I can have some sort of interaction with someone that’s not with my cats. Haha!

      Stay warm!