D.I.Y. Moisturizing Mist for Natural Hair

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As I mentioned in my review of 2013, one of my goals this year is to start taking better care of my body which includes my hair. I’m going to participate in a Grow Out Challenge (which I’ll be giving details about in a later post) but my first step is finding products that really work for my hair. While I love the Shea Moisture line, it just hasn’t been working as well as it used to, so rather than spend money trying out different products, I decided I’d try my hand at some D.I.Y. products – which brings us to today’s post, featuring my homemade moisturizing mist for natural hair.

Before making this I was using another homemade spray that just combined water and some leave-in conditioner, but I was noticing my hair was feeling very limp and quickly getting build up after wash days. So I decided to try something new that would hopefully be a little lighter but still provide moisture and shine to my curls.

This recipe is kind of a combination of a few mists I found online, specifically from Mae at Natural Chica and Whitney from Naptural85. All the ingredients were purchased from the Vitamin Shoppe, except for the jojoba oil which is from Trader Joe’s. Keep reading to see my new concoction and my hair results so far!


Ingredients (for an 8oz spray bottle):

4 oz Rosewater

2 oz Aloe Vera Juice

1/4 tsp Jojoba Oil

3-4 drops Lavender Oil


Step 1: Add approximately 4 oz of rosewater (you don’t have to be strict about your measurements), this will help keep the scalp cool and fresh as well as condition your hair keeping it from being dry and/or frizzy. Plus it smells amazing!


Step 2: Follow with 2 oz of aloe vera juice, another great moisturizer that also helps prevent hair loss and eliminates that greasy oil feeling you can get from adding too many products.



Step 3: Add a 1/4 tsp of jojoba oil. I’ve used and loved jojoba oil since my big chop, it’s a light non-greasy oil that helps moisturize the hair shaft from the inside out. It adds shine, elasticity, softness, and encourages growth!



Step 4: Drop in 3-4 droplets of an essential oil of your choice, I chose lavender because I thought the smell paired with the rosewater would be perfect, and it is! Essential oils typically have a strong fragrance, but they also benefit your hair in promoting growth and can have antibacterial properties.


Step 5: Shake it! Make sure everything gets mixed together, you’ll have to do this before every use as the oils will separate after sitting for awhile.


Using the spray for a dry twist out (in combination with raw shea butter), I wound up with these results! Nice definition and shine!


I’ve been misting my hair in the morning and before tying my hair up for bed, but you can really use it anytime you feel your curls could use an extra hit of moisture.


It’s been about a week that I’ve been regularly using this the spray in addition to some raw shea butter when styling my hair and I’m really digging the results. The rosewater and lavender oil smell so good paired together, DCT is constantly sticking his face in my hair cause he loves how it smells. I really like how it’s different from most sprays I’ve used that tend to have that coconut or tropical island scent to them. Something about the roses make it very feminine and, according to DCT, sensual – Ohh la la 😉


I’ll keep you posted on how this spray works over time and if I end up tweaking anything :) Do you have a special mist that you’ve created? Let me know, I’d love to hear more ideas!

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19 Responses to D.I.Y. Moisturizing Mist for Natural Hair

  1. Your hair looks so soft and fluffy! I might try this spray…it’s been so cold and dry that my hair is just not retaining moisture that well and it feels pretty parched at the end of the day. Plus, I’m all for “sensual” smelling hair and I’m sure my guy would like it too, ha ha!

    So in the week you’ve been using it you’ve experienced no build-up? I’m wary of build-up because my hair is very susceptible to it, especially now that there’s only an inch of it.

    • Thanks Yemi! I have noticed a little bit of build up, but I honestly think that’s because I’m due for a thorough wash day as there is still residue from products I was using before I made the switch.

      I’ll post an update at the end of the month to give you a full rundown on how it affected my hair :)

      Let me know if you have any other questions!


  2. I love misting my hair, my curls instantly thank me for the rain lol. I might need to try this variation. I’ve heard some good things about rosewater

  3. Aaaah! I need to do this! Thank you so much for this combo. I’ve been searching for good moisturizing sprays and haven’t really found one that my hair responds to/likes yet so thank you: I’m totally trying this. :) Just found your blog and I love it! Looking forward to your post about the hair growth challenge; I’m intrigued.

    • Thanks Toizelle! Welcome, welcome! I’m glad you found my blog! I’ll be sharing the details of the hair challenge very soon! Definitely try this spray out, I’m loving it so far! Let me know if you do and how it works for you!


  4. I love this. I have all of these ingredients and I am going to use this tonight. I didn’t do the big chop but I am transitioning and I’m excited to use these all natural ingredients on my hair :) Thank you and love your blog. SO happy I found it

  5. i stumbled onto your rosewater concoction. Im looking for something for my daughter, who is almost two. She is bi-racial and has very dry hair. My hair is dry, but hers is worse. I try washing with all kinds of shampoos- from wen, curly shampoo from ouidad, motions, kenra….baby dont be bald…i have to say the “cleansing conditioners” seem to work best of course, as far as softness. But making it easier to brush through they dont seem to make a difference. Ive got/tried all kinds of stuff too-pink lotion, mixed chics, baby dont be bald(also), none of those have really impressed me. So far my favorites are the shea butter, the oils, and by Kenra a hair masque- that i use as a leave on conditioner. But again comes the brushing…she rubs the back of her head and develops mats in her hair. I’m tempted to try mayonaise. Is there anything else that you can recommend? A particular brush? Because its so hard to brush it and she throws such a fit, i know i probably dont brush it as often as i should and that isnt helping either…
    Thank you.

    • Hi Andrea! I apologize for my late response, for some reason I missed this comment! Have you tried the Shea Moisture Kids line? Shea Moisture is my go-to product, I’ve used them since I first went natural and though I’ve tired others I always go back to their products. It may be a product line you should check out if you haven’t already.

      Other than that, maybe check out Curly Nikki’s site, I know she has a young daughter and she may have recommended products for kids – http://www.curlynikki.com

      Hope that helps!


      • This is late, but my daughter’s hair was dry until I started spritzing her hair on a daily basis with a aloe vera juice spritz similar to the one featured. I always seal with either coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Her hair is thriving and looks so fluffy and healthy. The other day, I was styling her hair, parted the back from the front and gave her the front portion to hold while I worked on the back, she said “Mommy, my hair feels like I’m holding a cloud.” That makes me happy.

        • Maureen! I love this story! That makes me so happy to hear. Your daughter is absolutely precious and I love she has such a positive view on her hair. No doubt, thanks to you!

          Thanks for sharing that with me :)

  6. Ashlei, I just read your post and I use the same products with slightly different measurement because of the bottles I put them in. I love your hair it does look amazing. I usually spray on my hair them twist up in a style for a couple of weeks. The amazing thing about using these products are my hair hardly sheds, its soft now, and my hair never looks dull now. Thanks for your site.