The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Styling Natural Hair for the Winter

With every season change comes new opportunities for a style makeover, especially when it comes to your natural hair!

I’m constantly on the lookout for new style ideas and how to make certain looks works for my current length. Winter is always an interesting time for my natural hair because – as we all know – the dry weather can add some significant side effects from dry, brittle ends to lack luster color.

In addition, I typically get significantly lazier with my hair routine as the winter months roll in, so therefore the easier the style and maintenance the better.

As a well-practiced lazy girl when it comes to my hair, I wanted to share with you all some of my trusted tips for styling natural hair for the winter!


winter-natural-hair-care-beanies winter-natural-hair-care-beanies


The ultimate lazy girl winter hair accessory, who doesn’t love a great knit beanie?

While this is requires minimal effort to style – just plop it on and go – most curly heads, including myself, would not recommend wearing them all the time as they can cause your hair to become even more dry and brittle due to the constant rubbing of the knit fabric against your hair.

To combat this side effect you can either purchase a beanie with a satin lining (the photos above are from Etsy seller – Cahezz -who makes all her beanies with satin linings), make a fun DIY project out of it and add a satin lining yourself, or if wearing a beanie is really something you only do every now and then, just put some effort into showing your curls some extra TLC at the end of the day by adding back the moisture it lost.


winter-natural-hair-care-twist-out winter-natural-hair-care-twist-out

Twist Outs

For those times when I want to do a little more with my hair a twist out is my number one go to.

What’s nice about twist outs is there are a variety of ways to do it with varying results – do flat twists for more curl definition, small twists for more kinky definition, or large chunky twists for a undefined kinky fro.


winter-natural-hair-care-pin-up-updo winter-natural-hair-care-pin-up-updo

Pin Up

As your twist out begins to become less defined and unruly a great solution to disguising the lack of definition is to pin your curls up in an updo or afro puff.

This allows you to ride your previous twist out a little longer before having to wash and start over again.


winter-natural-hair-care-box-braids winter-natural-hair-care-senegalese-twists

Box Braids + Senegalese Twists + Marley Twists

And last but not least, the ultimate lazy girl winter hair style – box braids and senegalese twists!

This is a great protective style for the winter as it lets your natural curls take a break and it’s super easy to maintain! I had senegalese twists put in last winter and loved them, most days I would just put them up in a bun, but I loved the versatility they offered.

And again, this is a style that you tailor to your personality – from chunky box braids to skinny twists, short, shoulder length, or down to your hips, you can even try out a new and fun hair colors without actually dying your natural locks.

The options are endless and it makes me so happy to see box braids and twists coming back into style.

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What are some easy ways you like to style your natural hair for the winter months? I always like hearing new ideas!

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Yessah, i’m currently rocking the box braids and this is the best hairstyle to happen to my head all winter. I always thought of the braids and twists as more of a summer hairstyle but now I know better. Anyway, I’m new to your blog so I just wanted to say Hey and I love your blog so far! : D