Style Inspiration :: Bejeweled for the Holidays

I’ve spent a lot of time doing work out in coffee shops this week (not necessarily by choice, but my internet and Comcast are just out to get me) and every place is decked out in holiday decor and bumpin’ the best holiday jams, ensuring you’ll get into the spirit of things even though it’s technically (in my book at least) not the holiday season just yet – I know I’m not the only one who grew up with the house rule of no holiday music until AFTER Thanksgiving. I will fully admit though to breaking that house rule once or twice in my adult years (I will also fully confess to actually listening to some holiday jams as I type this, not at a coffee shop 😀 ).

Keeping with the upcoming holidays, last week we discussed how you can mix and match holiday closet staples and be fashionably prepared for any event throughout the season. Sometimes, however, you just want to throw something on without much thought or energy, but still have a good amount of shimmer and glitz. For me, whenever I have a last minute holiday affair to attend I go for a simple, classic dress and for an extra holiday pop add a glittery statement piece of jewelry.

This is a great option for those who tend to take a more low-key approach to the holiday season and events. Check out some of my favorite selections below from earrings to brooches (my new favorite accessory) and start feeling that holiday spirit!

Bejeweled for the holidays: earrings

1. Bauble Bar / 2. Juicy Couture / 3. IKRUSH / 4. C Wonder (on sale!) / 5. Bauble Bar / 6. Miss Selfridge

I love a crystal cluster stud or tear-drop earring. They look especially stellar with a slightly undone or braided up-do.

Bejeweled for the holidays: necklaces

1. Oasis / 2. Bauble Bar / 3. Bauble Bar / 4. Debenhams / 5. Armani Exchange (on sale!) / 6. ASOS

The easiest to grab and throw on as you’re headed out the door for that extra holiday sparkle, they always go perfectly with a classic LBD or simple blouse and blazer.

Bejeweled for the holidays: bracelets

1. Bauble Bar / 2. ModCloth / 3. C Wonder / 4. Ann Taylor / 5. Bauble Bar / 6. JCrew

Who doesn’t love a statement cuff? For a play on textures, layer your bracelets over top of the sleeve of a cozy sweater. The softness of the sweater and the glimmer of the bracelet really compliment each other.

Bejeweled for the holidays: brooches

1. Swarovski / 2. Bloomingdales / 3. Macy’s / 4. Macy’s / 5. Givenchy / 6. John Lewis

Brooches have become my new favorite accessory! Pin it to a sweater, blazer, coat, or scarf! The options are endless! And not everyone wears brooches so you’ll totally be the cool fashionista at the party 😉 you’re welcome.

Hope everyone is having a great week so far! Thanks for reading!


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