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Winter Road Trip :: Blanket cardigan & Cat ear beanie

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Hi everyone! Can you believe Thanksgiving is next week! DCT and I are actually taking a good ‘ol fashion road trip down to Texas to celebrate with my family and boy are we excited to hit the open road! The last time we took a road trip this far was when we drove down to Charleston, right before I first started blogging for Kinks :) and we’ve been craving for another chance to take an extended road trip ever since!

Luckily we’re both pretty good travel buddies – as long as I have enough car snacks (the only time I ever crave beef jerky is during road trips) and have general control of the tunes, I’m a happy camper. Something about a long car ride is so soothing, there’s no feelings of being rushed and herded like when going through an airport. It’s just you and the open miles ahead and that to me is so beautiful!

It’s going to be just under a 15-hour drive, which is a good amount of time to be in a little car with someone – good thing we kind of like each other. But most importantly, a car ride this long calls for proper road trip attire – something that you can feel comfortable sitting/sleeping/singing/daydreaming/being weird in the car for hours, stopping off at random truck stops, and any other adventures that may call your name. Layers are key for me, especially when traveling to a different climate. Leggings and a loose fitting tank or t-shirt are my base pieces and from there I’ll layer on cardigans, oversize scarves, beanies, etc. And in terms of footwear, something that can easily slide on and off is a must.

If you’ve been following Kinks for awhile you’ll know I’m a big advocate for traveling – as the quote says above “The world is a book and those who do not travel only read a page“. This time of year always excites the travel bug in me and I can’t wait to share our adventures with you all! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading! HAPPY FRIDAY!

**My Road Trip Style**

*wearing: Hat & Scarf – ASOS / Tank – Zara / Cardigan – Thrifted / Leggings – Target / Shoes – Keds / Bag – Marc by Marc Jacobs

4 Responses to Winter Road Trip :: Blanket cardigan & Cat ear beanie

  1. Shayo says:

    Love the outfit…you look so comfy and stylish! I’m also a big proponent of travelling but haven’t done as much as I’d like. I plan on doing more next year though and already have my sights set on solo trips to San Francisco, Japan, and Iceland for 2014. Fingers crossed my plans unfold smoothly.

    I’ve read your blog for ages and, my dear, you sure know how to rock a beanie with panache! Do you wear a satin bonnet/silk scarf under your hats? I know the natural hair rule is to always do so but I feel ridiculous doing so and always worry about looking like an idiot when I inevitably take off my beanie. If you don’t, do you notice any detrimental effects to your hair?

    • Ashlei says:

      Hi Shayo!

      Thank you so much for all your wonderful comments! I’m so happy you’ve been enjoying the blog! It’s always nice to hear such positive feedback :) As for the beanies…I am a very naughty naturalista, I NEVER wear a satin bonnet/silk scarf, like you I feel kind of ridiculous and I’m generally having a bad hair day as it is when I wear beanies (or I’m just being really lazy), so I kind of just don’t see the point. What I will say though, after a day of beanie wearing I will take extra care in moisturizing my hair before bed – no heavy creams, just a light spritz of a conditioner/oil/water mixture I have and then another light oil like jojoba – and I make sure to sleep with a silk scarf so the next day my curls are a bit more refreshed. But besides the initial dryness from rubbing against the fabric all day I haven’t noticed any other detrimental effects. :)

      I hope that helps! Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks again for being such an awesome reader! :D


  2. Shayo says:

    Not to hog your comments section, but I also wanted to add that I love, love, love your blog! This might sound weird to say but you’re one of the few bloggers I follow whose style really resonates with me because it is quite similar to my own, just with heaps more fun and playfulness. Plus, I love that you’re natural. Please don’t stop blogging…and a belated congrats on your engagement to DCT! :-)

  3. […] tie into traveling to L.A., I also did a lot of traveling with DCT this year from Colorado, to Texas, to New York City we were all over the place! Thankfully we’re really great travel buddies […]

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