Lazy Girl Chic :: Animal motif sweater & Printed pants







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Hi everyone! Working from home has begun to teach me some new tricks for my day-to-day “office wear”. Obviously being home during the day, you’re not as inclined to put much effort into what you’re wearing, when it’s just you and the cats for three days straight you tend to just let things hang loose, if you know what I mean (and I mean no pants parties are frequent….very frequent).

However, I’m finding that I’m much more productive when I even put just the slightest bit of effort into what I wear and, as of late, have been finding a sweet balance between couch potato and style-savvy entrepreneur – a sort of lazy girl chic, perhaps? It’s about finding the perfect combination of loose lounge-wear paired with more fashion-forward pieces. For example! – this particular outfit consists of printed loose-fitting trousers (which is actually the jumpsuit you saw here, with the top rolled down to create pants) and an oversize crop sweater paired with a sharp leather jacket, fresh booties, and chunky jewelry which makes for a pretty stylish ensemble, if I do say so myself :).

Take away the jacket and jewelry and swap out the booties for puppy dog slippers and magically you’re ready for your couch and hours of fun on Netflix! And now you also know what I did after taking these outfit shots 😉

But before we get off topic and start talking about how many times I’ve re-watched all the episodes of Sherlock (seriously BBC, I’m in need of the new season asap), I’m really enjoying the freedom and ability to experiment with my style that working from home is giving me. No worrying about following a certain dress code or wondering if my co-workers will think I’m crazy for wearing this. The only real judgement I get is from my cats, though don’t be fooled, they can be quite the critics.

Hope you all are having a fantastic week! Thanks for reading!

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