Currently Craving….July

Happy Monday! Raise your hand if you think this weekend went by way too fast! Besides a double date night session with DCT and another friend couple (couple friends? friends who also happen to be a couple?) that consisted of a movie (Pacific Rim in 3D at the iMax, if you’re looking for a fun summer movie that requires little to no thinking at all, this is perfect!), dinner, and fireworks (cause you know, we just can’t get enough of them this month ;)), most of my weekend was spent at home.

This was actually a good thing as it lead to the realization that I really need to decorate more! DCT and I recently renewed our lease, so we’re here for at least another year (though there are talks of a BIG move this time next year :D) and while the place has slowly become more homey and lived in, there are definitely some stylistic additions I would like to have to make it feel even more “like home”.

So for this month’s ‘Currently Craving’ I focused on home decor and would like to share with you all some pieces I think would make great, stylish additions to our little loft space.
currently-craving-bookendsPictures via Pinterest

DCT and I recently purchased an Ikea shelving unit that acts as both a room divider and bookcase. It’s surprising how in the e-reader world we live in today, how many actual books DCT and I still have. While I love the ease and convenience of e-readers, sometimes I get tired of staring at pix-elated screens and all I want is a real paperback book. I only expect our book collection to grow and I’d love some statement book ends to add a pop to our books on display.

currently-craving-wall-collagePictures via Pinterest


This is a DIY project that will take me awhile to put together but I’m sure I’ll love the end results! I was totally that girl in high school who had their wall plastered with cutouts of boybands and celebrities that I was soooooo in love with (looking back I laugh at my ridiculousness and wonder how my parents lived with me and my teeny-bopper ways)! And while the desire to hang pictures of said boybands has faded, I still love the idea of a wall collage with a more sophisticated taste (or so I’ll tell myself).


One thing our apartment is in desperate need of is some plant life! We’ve added plants here and there, but unfortunately neither DCT nor I have a very pronounced green thumb and therefore all these plants tend to wither away and die form our lack of care (we’re horrible people, we know ;)). So while we definitely want more greenage, it’ll have to be of the easy-to-care-for variety such as succulents, cacti, and ivy plants.


Via CurrentClassic

Last, but certainly not least, DCT and I have a big love for candles and have all sorts throughout the apartment. During our trip to Amsterdam, we stayed in an apartment that had the cutest vintage candelabra that helped set the mood for a romantic evening or two, and we’ve I’ve been on the hunt for one ever since. Because we have a lot of white walls and neutral colored furniture, I find these bright colored candle holders to be the perfect addition to add a little spice to our space.

There you have it! Any thoughts or suggestions about where I can find some cool decor? I’ve already purchased the red candelabra as well as some wall prints to start building my collage from Etsy. I’ll definitely keep you all updated on my progress. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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