26 before 27 :: Birthday Goals

Hi everybody! Clearly not much blogging got done this week, DCT and I have been tearing through the Rockies, from tubing to skiing to lazy nights in the hot tub. Don’t worry I’ll have plenty of photos to share upon our return to Chicago.
Today I wanted to share with you a fun little project of sorts that I discovered via a new daily read – A Beautiful Mess. For those of you who don’t know, my day of birth is this Saturday (tomorrow!) and I’ll be turning a whopping 26. So instead of lamenting turning another year older, I’m following Elsie’s lead and giving myself 26 goals to accomplish before I turn 27 next year!
Take a look at my goals below, some of them are already in the works, while others I’m hoping to get started on soon. Here’s to crossing most of these off within the next 365 days!

Thanks for reading! Happy Friday!

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  1. […] Last year I made a list of 26 goals I hoped to accomplish by the time I reached 27, I had completely forgotten what any of them were and looking back I’m actually surprised/proud to say I accomplished quite a few – 13 to be exact, that’s at least half! While I’m super stoked I accomplished that many, this year I want to take a different approach to “goal-making”. […]