30 x 30 :: Sweet or Swag

Hi all! Introducing outfits 5 and 6, where I coincidentally show you two ways to wear a classic chambray top. One is sweet and one is full of swag, I’ll let you decide which is which…
*Details: Zara Chambray top (old, looking to invest in a new one like this from Madewell ) / Gap dress (similar, also loving this and this) / H&M knee-high socks / Steve Madden ‘Gretell’ boot / Vintage Coach / Random scarf / Michael Kors watch, rings (on sale!), & bangle

My collection of scarves have been getting a lot of play time so far during this remix challenge. They were collecting a lot of dust in my closet, for some reason I just wasn’t into the majority of them anymore. But I suppose when you take away more than half of your closet, those items you didn’t seem to care for start looking all shiny, new, and inviting.

Plus scarves are so versatile, there are so many ways to drape, tie, and knot them. Though I must admit, I have no idea how I tied this one, it just sort of happened. Like watching the entire 2 seasons of Portlandia on Netflix when you really should be doing school work, you never plan for these things, they just sort of happen (at least that’s what I’m telling myself). But nonetheless it definitely added a little more pizzazz to the outfit, I mean just think how one note it would’ve been if I didn’t have that dash of yellow. Plus my neck would then be exposed to the freezing elements.

*Details: Zara Chambray top / H&M anorak (similar from Nasty Gal) / Thrifted faux fur vest / Helmut Lang leather shorts / Vintage Coach / Joie ‘New Orleans’ boot

If you’re still wondering, outfit 6 is the outfit with swag, at least according to DCT – I’m “full of swaggoo” were his thoughts on my o.o.t.d. I was simply trying to dress appropriately for the unexpected snow and crazy drop in temperature. Fur, leather, and a beanie seemed the wisest decision. I honestly don’t have an ounce of swag……

….except for when on the dance floor, then all bets are off 😉

Happy Hump Day! Thanks for reading!

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