30 x 30 :: Parisian Stripes

Thrifted Stripe sweater (similar from American Apparel) / H&M Boyfriend jeans / Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Baby Q Aidan / Charlotte Russe booties / Elizabeth & James sunnies / Random scarf

Today was the first true test of my willpower against no shopping. We were doing markdowns in the store and I swear everything that went half-off was amazing and in my size. There were All Saints, Vince, and Joie sweaters, a Mink Pink blazer, and fun colored fur stoles…I imagined them all magically imported into my closet waiting for me after I complete this challenge :) But alas, unless I can convince DCT to buy me an early birthday gift, that dream won’t be coming true. Therefore, to all my Chicago readers, please come stop by the store and take these goodies away so I can stop staring forlornly at them from across the store. You would make my co-workers so happy as they wouldn’t have to hear me whine about not being able to buy them myself.

I was feeling very inspired by Parisian style for today’s outfit. It doesn’t hurt that I’m currently reading ‘Parisian Chic’ by Ines de la Fressange, which is a fun little book if you’re interested in the life and style of la Parisenne. I won’t lie, this look is a little ‘been there, done that’ – striped sweater paired with a red scarf, but it was comfy and as I’ve learned thanks to la Fressange, if Parisian style is anything, it’s timeless and what’s more timeless than black and white stripes with a dash of red? Always tres tres chic, bien sur! (No, I do not speak French, but reading this book makes me think otherwise)

Hope you had a magnifique (sorry, I can’t help myself, blame la Fressange) weekend! Thanks for reading!

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