Socks With Sandals :: Turban & Boyfriend jeans

Once known as a universally acknowledged style diaster, socks-with-sandals has made a rather chic comeback. While it was a popular trend during spring/summer I never got around to trying it out for myself…until now.

Turban (cute knit version here) / Jessica Simpson Pea Coat / F21 Sweater (similar) / H&M Skinny Boyfriend Jeans / Dolce Vita Sandals / Vintage Coach

I’m still on the fence on how I feel about the look. When snapping these photos I was all about it and thought it was a super cute way to “winterize” summer sandals. Then after hours of editing and organizing the final pictures the novelty wore off and I started nitpicking every little detail and questioning my decisions. Should I have done a different color sock? Different style sandal? Are the socks too thick? Should I nix this post all together?

Obviously I decided to run the post as I was reminded this blog, and fashion/style in general, is a means of creative expression and you can’t be creative without taking a few risks here and there. So whether you totes love it or it makes your eyes burn, it was a risk I’m glad I took and would even be willing to try again. Socks with Sandals…Reloaded, haha! 😉

I have a fun couple of weeks coming up, my Fall semester is coming to an end (yes!!), there are holiday parties galore, one of my besties is coming to visit, and……..I’m off to Germany again for Christmas!
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