KATNP featured in Links A La Mode!

I’m so honored to have been featured in IFB’s Links a La Mode this week! This is my first time being featured through LALM and I’m super excited, I’ll be doing my happy dance all night tonight, haha! Be sure to check out all the other fabulous posts that were featured! Thanks again to IFB’s Links a la Mode team!

Style, personalized.

 Edited By: Taylor Davies
The submissions for this week’s Links a la Mode were a total turn around from last week’s, but isn’t that always the way with blogging? One week you want to talk about the Prada exhibit at The Met, and the next you want to share your DIY for a fabulous studded collar. As bloggers we each try to own our niche and develop a personality, but the fun is in being able to expand; to shift gears and to evolve our content any way we choose. The 20 links below represent a myriad of personal points-of-view, from color obsessions to trend tips learning to love dressing for yourself and no one else.


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  1. Me too! I would always forget about it, but I really liked this post so I forced myself to remember to submit it, haha!