Outfitted: Printed Tunic + Melissas

Hi everyone! I hope your week is going swell 😉 Does anyone remember when jelly shoes were all the rage, specifically when we were little? I definitely remember having several different pairs (my shoe addiction started when I was young, haha!) of jelly sandals in different colors with all sorts of bedazzlements, they were the ultimate summer shoe for the kids.
Well, last week I made a little purchase that took me back to those younger days and bought a pair of Melissa’s. For those of you who don’t know, Melissa’s are like jellies for adults, they’re made of 100% recyclable plastic, come in all sorts of colors, shapes, and sizes (including men’s shoes!), and have an amazingly sweet bubblegum scent.
I first heard about the brand through a friend who owned a pair of their ballerina flats, and, ironically enough, it was with that same friend that I purchased my first pair. These flats literally had just been delivered to the Akira shoe store in Wicker Park and the manger brought them out mere seconds before I was about to purchase a pair of metallic boat shoes (which I’m still considering going back to get, hehe). I ended up switching to these beauties and I’m so glad I did! I haven’t really had the chance to rock them since the weather here in Chicago hasn’t been very ‘jelly shoe appropriate’, but I’m excited to see what kind of outfits I’ll pair them with as they’re the perfect pop of color for summer :)
Do any of you own Melisssa’s? If so, what’s your favorite way to style them?
Side note: Please ignore the little spec of something that was apparently on my lens as I was taking these shots, I didn’t notice it till after I started editing the photos. Second, that little brown patch on the ground by my feet…don’t be alarmed, it’s only moss 😉
‘Till Next Time…
Top: H&M
Pants: Vigold
Shoes: Melissa via Akira
Bag: Target (old)
Accessories: Michael Kors watch + rings, bangles c/o Baker’s, sunnies via Crossroads
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10 Responses to Outfitted: Printed Tunic + Melissas

  1. Loving the tunic with the colored denim. Although I don’t own a pair, I’m definitely a fan of the Melissa shoes…especially the Vivienne Westwood collaboration collection.  Those flats of yours are a winner too!

  2. Thanks Nikia! I really like the Vivienne Westwood collaboration as well, also the Jason Wu collection, which I believe is supposed to be hitting Akira shoe stores soon 😉

  3. Found your blog from The Wearist…so happy I did!! Its amazing!! I love your style so much!! Followed right away :)

  4. I have a pair of Melissa’s but I never wear them!!

    I also used to be OBSESSED with jelly sandals…the sparkly kind were the best! hehe.

    LOVE that first picture, and the blouse is SUPER cute!

  5. Thanks Eboni! I’ve been wearing them to death, lol! I even want to go back & get a pair of their wedges, soo cute! Haha :)